White dress

   This is an old random outfit photo with my friend at the end of summer. It was a nice day  of course we didn't want to miss any last moments of sunshine before the rain came back. My friend called me and we decided to take a walk around this neighborhood, which is on a  hill and has a nice view looking down to Seattle Downtown. It's a beautiful neighborhood and I had lived in this neighborhood for a short time in my first summer in Seattle so It kinda gave me some reminiscences of ... how I used to love frappuchino Lol, I was super fat at the time because I drank frappuchinos literally every day. 
 I actually took a bunch of photos in summer since if you are Seattle-er, you would know how precious the summer is because It won't be long until the cold gets back and that's why I have to make the most of my summers, but  then for some reasons, I didn't have any feelings wanting to upload it. Probably because I felt overwhelmed by the amount of photos I took in the summer :)) or mostly because I was just lazy to post on the blog and in the mood of hating instagram. But since I'm back and active on my blog again, I'll post them little by little every other days and hopefully, share with you all some of my summer experiences.

Skirt and sandals: Forever21

some friends asked me why I kept cropping my eyes from my photos. The reason obviously because it looks better without my eyes hahahaha. They also told me they liked my eyes but honestly, I hate looking at them in photos because currently, the more I look at my eyes, the more sadness I see. No matter what I did to my face gestures,  my face always looked pretty sad, like my mind already wandered somewhere else in photos and sometimes kinda bitchy face :)) except if I want my face looks happy, the only thing I can do is closing them completely :))

Shoes: zara, I brought this one to take photos :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

Notice: Now you see what I explained and No, I didn't try to make this sad face. This is how my face normally looks :))