February to May

Happy Thanksgiving everybody!
 Honestly, I don't really care about Thanksgiving, well, actually I only care black Friday after that :)). But somehow, Thanksgiving atmosphere gives me nostalgic instants, kinda the same as  Lunar New Year, when you won't be able to back home for that special gathering celebration... Anyway, this is the continued series of my life through phone, this time is from February to May. So let me tell you my stories ( warning: a lot of food photos

Spring and fall seasons are my favorites of all. I might lean towards more to Spring because of how beautiful all trees and flowers are during this season. Luckily, my bf could be able to visit me this spring to take photos for me HAHAHAHAHA ( this's the most important benefit of having bf, though he sucks at taking photos -_-) 
Blossoms in UW. Every year at this time, a bunch of people would gather here to have best Spring photos, and funny thing is that most of them are either Asians or tourists.

I took a photo of a man taking photos of a tree. ( Social media artist life)

In Vietnamese Market, this year, First time ever I decided to buy banh chung in this market for $16 just because I missed Tet so much. I just wanted something reminding me of How my tet used to be ( Usually, My friend would give me Banh chung every year and I thought she wouldn't this year so I bought it, Turned out she gave me 2 banh chung a little bit late LOl :))), wasted my $16.

I present to you: one of my next door neighbor's cats.  And all my neighbors around me at least have one cat, so basically my life is surrounded with cats Lol

In Portland
Lovely day to lay down, enjoy sunshine and blossoms at Pittcock Mansion ( Portland)

We had some good donuts from a place called Blue Star donuts. When people come to Portland, they usually visited Voodoo donuts instead, but a local here suggested us should try these donuts from Blue Star and he was right, the donuts were way better and had more  delicious unique flavors than  the famous Voodoo's. Highly recommended!

Pittcock Mansion

Blue Star Donuts

The reason we went to Portland so much is because of  the Thai food truck named Sawasdee, which I've mentioned in a post before. It's literally must-to-go place and their Thai food I would dare to claim that the best Thai Food in Us. ( Not this photo though :)). Anyway, the photo above is one of famous Thai/VN restaurants called Nong Khao man gai. Their signature dish is chicken rice aka Hai Nam chicken / Hainanese Chicken. 

The boiled chicken pieces are served with jasmine rice and ginger sauce with a bowl of soup. It was good but not really special though. It actually reminds me a lot of chicken rice in Hoi An :))

Near my Apt

Shout out to my driver, who drove me pretty much all the times ( and also all my sisters, who are tired of picking me up and driving me). I know how to drive, I got my driver license but after an accident, I'm too scared of driving now :)), sighzz, I need to learn driving again.

If I sit next to you in a front seat, don't expect me to be a GPS guide because I suck at it and instead, this is what I'll do: selfie through the trip if I wear makeup Hahahahahahaha. That's why I promise to people who drive me, one day very soon, I'll drive them back
Sexy time.
Beautiful clouds.


They looked like Haley motor riders at first, turned out policemans preparing for May Day.
A snap of cool automobile

My favorite ever ice cream from the famous Molly moon's ( which my friends usually joke as dog's ice creams): dark chocolate with a lot of hot fudge

Tried out a new Gelato place.

Celebrated last time in school with my Vietnamese friends. We ordered a lot and the two most delicious dishes are grilled fish and beef salad above from a place called Rainier BBQ in Seattle

What is this, Anh? stir fried Alligator, em -_-

My first time visited a Container Starbucks in Ballard, Seattle. 

Another selfie.
Bus life.

Staple place to have cheap and good Sushi: Sushiland


This tiny, well decorative place is called: Biscuit Bitch. Yes, you hear it right, Biscuit Bitch.

They are famous like what their name claims: Biscuits for brunch & breakfast. We ordered a " Hot mess bitch", which is biscuit, gravy, eggs, garlic grits smothered in cheese, grilled Louisiana hot links, and jalapenos. I didn't really enjoy it, it was just too much greasy for  breakfast, but my bf liked it, probably because I'm not used to American breakfast.

Saddest dog I've ever seen in a car :)) ( Sorry dog, but I actually laughed when saw this )

Tacos chunki: Best tacos in town, 2 blocks away my home, never bothered to go there until this summer. The only thing I don't like this place is  it's always packed and you have to wait at least 15' -20' to get your food, it's worth to wait, though.

Another cheap good place to eat: Mama's Pizza, very cheap and delicious New York style pizza.

Movie time.

When fire smoked happened to be above your head and you're the first one running away even before your class notices. It's me, btw :)))))))))))))))

Tried out Evolution juice.

Musashi's: Best place for Chirashi bowl town because of generous amounts of Sashimi they give in one bowl for $15.

A nice sunny day at Washington lake enjoying our yummy Philadelphia cheesesteak sandwiches and cheese fries.

oh yeah, all in my tummy.
New croissant sandwich from Starbucks. It is actually not bad, I quite enjoyed it except the sunny egg, which I feel like eating a rubber flavored egg.

Grilled pork noodle, yummy!

Spud's fish & Chip. Their food was pretty good, crispy, not too powdery and oily, especially their fried oysters felt like melting in my mouth.  This place was my first fish & chip experience in America with my brother, and tt's the only fish & chip place I've tried in Seattle. Idk every time I told myself to try somewhere new but always ended up coming back to this place, maybe because It brought me back to those first memories in Seattle.

 since then I've been waiting for so long but didn't see any resources coming :))