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The reason I make this post because ... I wanna post something without making a lot of efforts Lol :)). I actually have almost done my updated skincare post and continued Japan diaries. The only problem left is that I'm just too lazy to take photos of skincare products and put captions on japan photos so I guess I'll postpone these posts after this post. ( typical me)

These photos below described how amazingly my week was. I meant my weeks were because some of the photos from the other weeks though =)). It's always good to have nice times with my sisters. They're always my good supportive company during my stressful times in term of sastifying my stomach. That means every damn time I felt completely tired of the world, They would take me to eat.  And it's even better when each of them has different tastes of food like one really likes sweet desserts and another one likes noodles/Vietnamese food or one just follows whatever I wanna eat. In another word, I would say: The best thing of having sisters.

Anyway, These gorgeous waffles below are from a famous place called Sweet Iron in Seattle. I hadn't had any waffle before that and for some reasons, I was skeptical to try waffles. Idk why, but my mind supposed that waffles weren't good and kinda gross. So my sister kept insisting me to try this place because she is a fan of these little sweet things. She likes it so much so that she paid 9$ for parking in Downtown Seattle ( like wtf, as she claimed that was the highest money she'ever paid for parking lot Lol). The waffles turned out pretty good to me, they were more like pancakes with holes, crispy outside and fluffy inside, which was quite interesting. While my sister was disappointed with how this place wasn't as good as she expected to be and promised to take me to a more " real" place Lol, I enjoyed it alot though.
we ordered banana cream Brulee for sweet option and waffle with brie cheese and basil for a savory taste. They both tasted good, but I would suggest only order the sweet one though. 
wandering around Ballard Neighborhood - one of cute and vintage neighborhoods

   Another typical day with sweet desserts with my sister, we visited again a famous place for Lava Molten Cake. They just opened a new shop near my apt. I repeated NEAR MY APT,  LITERALLY 1 BLOCK AWAY from my apt. The thing here is I don't like sweet that much, but my sister... She... is ... a... sweet dessert madwoman, which means I'm gonna move out my apt soon unless I want to be her sweet slave or sweet dessert company. The same thing happened when her favorite pastry shop, which is close to my house and which also was introduced to her by me, had made me wake up like 9 in Sunday to compete in a fight over " queen a man" aka the shop's special pastry, which are most likely sold out once they open store and since she lives pretty far away from my house, meaning I was responsible for the Pastry world Lol. Don't get me wrong, I love doing that for that, she is one of my closest sisters but ... why it had to be Sunday at 9 am LOL, though finally she got bored with the " queen a man" :D

Their Lava cake is pretty good because of the crunchy part outside but it actually gets greasy pretty fast because of its sweetness
I'm madly in love with this dress from HM. It really tones my curves as well as my fat belly. 

Ik I don't have to say this but I don't retouch my face or use any retouch program or app now. I did couple times in the past like 2 years ago to enhance my height :))))  sometimes for dark circles, and sometimes overused it until I realized these photos didn't look like me at all. I don't against those program/apps but I guess I should embrace my body/ face features or shoudn't overuse it :)))))))).  And if you see me sometimes different, it's either because of different angles or my makeup but honestly, I don't find any different at all :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) ( gotta be confident) 

Bare face. only filter

And no filter, no retouch LOL and with makeup :))
Never known how good MC Donald coffee was until this weekend. 

Frozen Pizza- one of my usual dinner =)). My favorite brand is chicken BBQ from Safeway ( I can't remember the brand' name but I know only Safeway sells it :)) )

Buttermilk Vietnamese sandwich, wonderfully delicious just 4 blocks away my home made by Korean, expensive but worth every your penny. 
Believe or not, sometimes I ate pizza and drank coke for breakfast. 

Fall already arrived
A Super big delicious bowl Pho cooked by my friend. He is a cook at the restaurant and that's why I had so many meats in my bowl ( Happily crying)
another OOTD

End my post with this cutie toy pomeranian.


  1. And where did you get that biggggg lovely grey scarf?

    1. I got it from Forever 21, chị can get a bigger version (warmer) from H&M and more expensive one from Zara but overall, I like this one the best chị :)))

    2. I got it from Forever 21, chị can get a bigger version (warmer) from H&M and more expensive one from Zara but overall, I like this one the best chị :)))


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