Outfit of the day

This outfit basically was what I wore everyday at the beginning of Fall, when the weather was warm/hot during day and chilly at night. Spring and Fall are the both annoying seasons for me, you don't know what to wear to keep you not hot but still warm. My secret weapons I learnt after years living in Seattle are tights and  scarf, they are must have items during these annoying seasons. When it's colder, you just need to wrap yourself with scarf, make it like your blanket, Poncho or simply wear it like how it supposed to be: a scarf, to keep your neck warm. For tights, I love it just because I want to keep my legs warm but not too warm like leggings. I want my legs still can feel a little bit chilliness from Seattle's fall wind. 
Sweater: my Bf's, he forgot it here when he left so I took it as my dress, pretty surprised how much it suited me, which means this belongs to me forever :)).

Reversible tote from Old Nav. It's big enough for me to stuff a bunch of things inside, especially in fall when I need to put huge scarf inside.