Hmm, It was a rough day for me. I'm officially leaving my current job and now I'm completely jobless so hook me up if you have any business related to fashion sales/photography/ or coffee related ( because iIm in love with coffee but due to my degree, I'm not allowed to be barista gruhhh) LMAO ( just kidding).  It's just a short break before coming back find a job I actually like and love doing it. I know a lot of people saying you should work something else first before working for the job you like and I did admit it's true. Yes, sometimes you have to work to make ends meet or gain experiences and it's not easy to follow the job you like and make your dream come true. But it's not by chance that most successful people keep saying "work for the job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life". Being so boring and unproductive, I decided the best thing I could do for myself now and for my current job is quitting and voluntarily hanging myself by a thread Lol since I'm an international student and without Job, I gotta go back to my country and I still don't want to go back for now. But I know everything will be okay, I won't regret this decision and I'm happy with what I did, what I am now and hopefully what my job will be in the future. The best thing is that when I wake up tomorrow, I will have time to dye my bristling hair so that there aren't no more friends will complain how my hair has small dots of different colors, then make myself some coffee and have a good hot  french toast with caramelise banana before making another plan for my life. Yes, I love making plan for my life, oh dear...  and No matter what will happen, even if the worst situation can occur like I have to leave this country before my intended deadline, I know I'll still be able to make another plan, which is most likely eat as much best foods in all the states as possible before being kicked out :)). But yeah, for now, Have a good night till Tomorrow my blog!