Vintage time

Summer is the only season that makes me feel girly the most, especially this summer. The times I wore skirts/dresses were so high that sometimes I wondered what happened to myself Lol. Like I was never that girly person, who would wear skirts/dresses through all summer. And that actually was what I did this whole summer. It turned out wearing skirts/dresses wasn't that bad in terms of convenience ( You don't need to drop down your skirts/dresses when you go to restroom :)) ),  pretty much that is the main reason why I gradually start to like wearing them. Anyway, I intended to compile all the photos below and other summer outfit photos into one post but since I want to put something up tonight on blog and this outfit has been taken for very long times early summer so it's better not to leave the photos  become mouldy in my hard drive. I've been in love with long denim skirts for a long time and when I found this skirt from Zara, I knew it would go perfect with this off-shoulder crop top. The only thing bothers me is Zara's clothing size is mostly for European, which makes this skirt is a little bit big for me and I have to use a belt in order to keep it up my waist. But still, this outfit is great for me when I want something vintage and also girly at the same time.  

                                                                   Off the shoulder top: H&M
                                                                    Skirt: Zara 


  1. This outfit is just so so cute !

  2. :X hehe thank you so much for your compliment!


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