December to January

 Random photos were taken by my phone through Dec- January.
Pizza from a claimed to be the best pizza place in Seattle on yelp, but apparently they didn't taste that good, though. 

One of the best burgers spots inspired by Japan in Seattle. I've posted a photo of their burgers on Instagram... just talking about their burgers already made my mouth water

a corner of Moore coffee

Delicious pasta from Cheesecake factory

Pike place Market

Portland downtown.

still in PL

PL's famous food carts

Starbucks Reserve Roastery, kinda a place serves fresh coffee, which 

Seattle Public library Capitol Hill, my old time favorite spot for studying.

Pike place market

Famous Powell's books store in Portland

Curry I made at night before going to Vancouver, which also poisoned my bf's stomach :))

Seattle Christmas night

New Year's eve celebration dinner

Portland Downtown

My Starbucks collection - yes, I'm that weirdo.

Around my neighborhood

Gas works park, a park near abandoned gas plant

Kawaii latte arts from Moore coffee in Seattle.

The coffee shop is famous for their cute latte arts but why they only gave me a simple heart :(

Seattle night view  from Seattle Great wheel.

Beijing duck togo pls!

Pike place market famous chowder. 

on the way to Portland

Korean BBQ is my love in winter


The more I visited this city, the more I'm in love with it. A small, warming and artistic city. 

pros: good tea/ cons: too expensive.

Eating at my favorite Korean restaurant. I only like this place because of their plenty banchans.

6 banchans- sidedishes, probably the only Korean restaurant in Seattle is that generous.

Me at schoool.

THE BEST CURRY FRIED RICE I've tried. We literally came to Portland just to buy a bunch of this fried rice to stock in our fridge :))))))).

Chinese dinner with friends

steak night

Bellevue flakesnow parade. 

Thai dinner with friends.

For some reason, I have a habit that no matter what happens, no matter how busy I am, I have to visit Ikea at least one time during Christmas season.

Pho for cold night

banh trang tron - Vietnamese rice paper salad with bubble tea.