Spring break

I met some problems in editing my blog, old posts jumped onto first page, everything became a mess. God, it's so complex to edit blogspot ( or i'm not good in computer). Anyway, here is one of the days i hung out with my friends in downtown

we started our day with Chowder in Pine market
to me, chowder was like cream soup but i love it.

The dog's face looked so sad
Hahaha, im pretty sure she loved this hot dog so much
They were making cheese
Chocolate box, i passed this store a lot of times but haven't ever stepped into it. Maybe someday.
Then we tried hot dog. Actually just my friend ate, i save my stomach for teriyaki after that Lol
People were trying their yummy hot dog
An owner was super funny.  When he knew that i was from VietNam He told me he have rented two Vietnamese guys

Then we headed down to Market again to buy some macarons
Butter croissant in one of the best bakeries in Seattle
All these pasties looked so yummy, wished i could have a large stomach to eat all these

colorful macarons. I coudn't resist to take photos of macarons. They're so... pretty.
playing giant chess road

yeah, that's how i ended up my day. H&M photo with two guys on it.