Shopping weekend

This will be my last free week. From tomorrow, i need to work hard for my final, assignments, extra credit, presentation etc... God, i can't imagine there are so many things to finish next week and then Spring break. Actually, i don't like spring break that much. I love going to school, meet friends, gossip but no homework Lol.
  Last week, I went to Half Price book to buy some travel books. Half Price got cheapest books ever compared to many book stores i have been.I found two great travel books, hopefully i can finish these two at the end of this month.I also bought for myself a cookies -cooking book, it's been a long time since the last time i baked, probably 3 months. Although results were always bad, i still miss baking so much. I might bake some cookies again after my final term. Then I end up my day with my beloved Laina - she is the one who always make joke with me. We got some gossips, drinking Starbucks and strolling around our school. Peaceful day !

      1. Half price book store   2. Laina and me made  silly things  3. Books i bought in Half price
      4. Starbucks green tea frap
Cookies book

         On weekend, i went to Pine Public market with Le. We both ate a lot that day : chowder, macaron, hot dog... everything we saw on the street, that's why i raised 4 pounds in 1 week Hahahaha. Anyway, i had a lot of stories and photos to share on that day. I might post these on this weekend. Hopefully, i have free time to do it or hopefully, i'm not lazy Ew...
Hmm,  I left all my makeup at Viet Nam for my mother ( except MUFE blush in pink shade) . So I saved all my money, tears and blood for these two : MUFE foundation and blush in orange shade. After buying these makeup, i know next months will be my noodle months T.T. The other one is a gift from Sephora. I will try these tomorrow. Hope my skin won't break out.
Hot dog, yummy

This was the first time i tried macaron. I have to say : Macaron is the best.