March 11, 2012

My daily boring bullshit weekend

        This weekend was pretty boring to me. Since next week will be (almost) last week at school so nobody has time to hang out with me. I woke  up quite early, walking with my dog, going to downtown to buy macaron then trying the best croissant ever in this world : croissant aux fruits. I bet Le panier made the best croissant. This croissant had many layers, once it's into your mouth. Holy mother, it melt immediately on your tongue. It tasted a little bit salted with a subtle sweetness. Damn, i already miss it. It rained so things turned to be  like i was a lonely girl with croissant on the right hand, coffee on the left hand, watching people passing a coffee shop in a gloomy day and feeling my life was so boring. After finishing my delicious breakfast ( at least in my mind it was a delicious breakfast) and my creepy thinkings about my life these days, I took a bus to my friend's apartment to gossip with her. I just wanted to talk with someone to kill my boring time and came back to home with a bunch of grocery things. What a day ...

Me last friday night
My breakfast
somewhere near Public Pine market

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