Seattle diaries 13

Hey, how are you guys doing? These last two weeks were really stressful. School things are crazy like hell, plus i was pretty sick last week. That's why i didn't have much time for blogging.I'm trying my best to update it every one or two weeks, i almost gave up this post though Haha. Okay, so many good news came to me today: Some new pieces of favorite brand clothing are on the way to me ( you know, it's been a long time i haven't bought clothes so Wohoooo!!!), my brother is gonna visit me next month plus he has sent his gift to me:  Nike shoes ( Wohooo, my first Nike), since i need a good running shoes for my diet ( in case you ask: i'm skinny now, but i need to diet for summer since i tend to gain a lot of weights during spring-summer Hahahaha). 
These photos above were taken in a beautiful sunny day with my girl: Le. We had a really good time: coffee, park, people, blossoms, chilling, taking photos. Oh god, What could be better!

Too beautiful

I bought the top from a shop called Nosbyn, check it out when you need some things minimalistic and simple, love it !

I'm in love with this neighborhood.

People :)

I wondered what i was looking at in this photo. 

and mah girl :)