Big decision

    This friday, i'm gonna cut my long hair. Yup, after being with long hair literally for my whole life. I love my hair so much.I'm so proud of my hair, there is no word that can describe how i treasure it, like i never let someone touch my hair except a really good hair stylist or myself. When it comes to hair, i'm kinda coward. Changing seems a big deal to me. Last year, i made a big chance, from no bang to bang. This year, i'm gonna make it again, long hair to short hair. I have been thinking about this for such a long time, asked people whether i should cut or not. Most of the time, they told me not to do that, they loved it , so natural wavy... but one of my closet friends said: "  girl, you live young once and hair can grow up any time, just do it". I came home that day, thinking about it, and deciding to cut it. It's not about we live young once, there are so much things happening right now and changing might help me come back to my balance mood. If not, well! i have new hair :)
 Some memories with my long hair ( love you like forever, my hair, see you someday again in future >3)