Need to get out of school

   I kinda hate school so much recently. It has been a year and i almost think that i already adapt well to the new culture. Well, it doesn't. Tonight, i had a class, which has  good view to see Seattle at night but instead of focusing on my instructor's lecture, i looked outside and wondered myself: " what am i doing here?" I mean the answers obviously are getting my degree, having a job and living on my own. It's just i don't really understand myself. Friends here are not the same like friends in Viet Nam, i forsure can't force them being what i want but honestly,  i can't stand this anymore. I know i have to be stronger but  only this moment, i wish i could fly to travel around the world, learn real lessons about life, get out of this stressful time or just a deep sleep and dream of floating on galaxy, living in the world of Kagaya's pictures.
          Crap things - Seattle 04/08/2013