Hello blog, nice to see you again

    I miss my blog so much, wish i could have more time for this blog but school  has been driving me crazy. I take 4 classes this quarter and one additional class, which means i'm gonna die very soon.  I still  remember how i dresses up nicely almost everyday in the winter quarter compared to now, i went to classes literally with something that looked like pyjamas, plus messy hair and no eye makeup. Probably, lip balm is the only thing i can take in hurry and run as fast as i can *sight*. Anyway, as usual, i have some photos from my day with a friend. I freaking love this time of the year, blossoms everywhere, nice weather, people look more happier and finally, i can eat frozen yogurt properly :D :D :D.

Say peace!!!

From my love to you!

Perfect match.

Behind my school

So beautiful ! Wish they woudn't fade and could last forever.


My girl