We own tonight!!!

Cap: Urban outfitters/shoes: Aldo/Hoddie: brother's 

 " Rule 1: Check out your brother's closet
   Rule 2: Steal his hoodie
   Rule 3: Make it become yours"
It's kinda weird but besides all the negative things of having Brother, stealing  his clothes probably is the only positive thing to talk about. I love wearing men's clothing, especially hoodie, not many people know this. Even though most the photos i posted on blog or anywhere, they were all girly. When i go to school, see my friends, hang out, i dress like a girl. However, I feel truly being myself when i wear a no-size t-shirt, a big size hoodie, a cap with a ruffled hair ( i hate brusing my hair) with my favorite sneakers and go around QFC to pick up my favorite coconut drink without  friends around or anyone, that will judge me what i am wearing, how messy i am right now. Sometimes, i wish i could be a boy, so i can dress more "street-style" like them, more freedom,more " me", it's not bad being a girl though. Definitely, in the future, if i have boyfriend, i will steal all his clothes :D. Right now, sorry my brother, you're still my target.