Instagram diaries

        I already uploaded this post but for some reasons, i decided to remove it. So time to re-post it now.  I love instagram, since it has been giving me so much inspirations from amazing people out there. These photos below are taken from my instagram: @kunbeo - stop by if you have time :D
1. cute socks i bought from H&M to survive the winter, 2.  discovered the best pastry bakery near my house,i came here literally every sunday ( in the photo are cinnamon roll, lemon and coffee puff. God damn, they are really yummy), 3. spring is coming, yay yay it's time to see blossoms >.<, 4. enjoyed the holiday reading my favorite book with a slice of banana bread , what could be better!, 5. Cheesecakes' heaven, i know, 6. Made pancake and caramel frapp, 7. Make up fun time, 8. Macarons from the pastry bakery, literally the best macarons i have tried so far, 9. Looking at sad and cloudy sky while eating Pho made me homesick, needed to back home right away.
1 when i was young, almost year ago, so much different, 2. Laina and her boy, the cutest couple ever, 3. Me - pretended being a kind girl but turned to be quite fake face, 4. Found a really beautiful place while strolled around my apartment, 5. My black Rapuzel Neighbor, 6. First time in winter i could wear dress, awesome, 6. Made some bibimbap for friend and me, 7. Daily outfit, 8. Me before going back to Viet Nam, kinda miss this moment.