Time for skincare

    There was a time, i put make up daily, my eating routine was bad and drank coffee like water. As a result,  my skin started breaking out. It was a nightmare, my forehead was covered with acnes and my chin had some dark spots. It took me a quite time to take my skin back but helped me realize how important skincare is.

I wish i could say i drink a lot of water but Nah. Instead, i drink coffee, bubble tea, tea and stuffs like that, which i believe one of the big reasons to make my healthy and skin go down.Anyway, this post is my review of some products i have used in the process to get my skin back.

Here is my favorite product.
 1. Rice powder: MY FAVORITE PRODUCT EVER. This is completely natural. I know this product from a sister, who is a model and really cares about her skin. After long time using it, i recognize my face look brighter and smooth SERIOUSLY. It does pretty good job. However, i don't know where to buy it in America since it's a product from Viet Nam but you can check this link i found, it shows how to make rice powder and the benefits of it http://www.whiterskin.info/rice-powder-an-asian-skin-whitening-secret/

 2. Cleanser
 I have used shiseido, the body shop and now is kieh'l. However, i still haven't found the favorite yet. I would say, shiseido is somehow dry a little bit while the body shop is kinda average, it's like you can use daily but neither good nor bad. My third one and the one i'm using now is Kieh'l, i saw so many people using this cleanser and a friend recommended to use it when the body shop one ran out.In a moment, I hesitated to buy it, instead i got a sample, tried it, felt okay and got a new one. I like it but not a lot, better then the other two though. It can remove makeup, makes you feel clean but i guess there are some ingredients in it that i felt weird after cleansing.

3. Serum
I hadn't mind serum until i got some samples from sephora, chanel, friends. And now i have my favorite one
Chanel: i got small sample from chanel, a little cute tube. It lasted quite long time ( you should get one too, hehe). And holly mother, it does brighten your face, keeps your face glow although its smell is kinda chemical. The only thing i don't like about this serum is its price LOL. To me, it isn't worth that much money so Never see you again after finishing the sample.  >.<
Serum avanced night repair: again, a small sample. Yes, it works but still can't see a big chance since it's too little ( Lol).

My favorite one appeared. My friend gave me a bump of it and how did it impress me? It gave me a goosebump. After one week, my face looks healthier, glow and fresh, Btw dark spots slowly slowly fade. It becomes one of my best beauty friends. Although it's kinda pricey, highly recommend.( seriously)

For Toner i use clinique and the body shop. I love toner the most, it makes my skin feel cool, fresh, although i don't really care which brand i should buy, just chose random new brand after an old one ran out.

Moisturizer: Clinique is kinda famous for their moisturizer, i bought the highest rating view one: dramatically different lotion. Well, honestly, it's okay, i just don't feel really like it. In the summer, it's kinda heavy for my skin. Hopefully it runs out soon so i can try the new one Lol, but i have used this for year and it haven't ran out yet, 1 point for saving money.  During the time, i had a chance to try brightening moisturizer from Chanel and the result was awesome ( i can understand why, its price is holly mother expensive.Like the serum from Chanel, just tried one time and never be able to see it again)

  Josie Maran  Oil: You may ask me what is it for?  It has a lot of functions: moisturizer for skin, hair... The most important function to me is making my cheeks look dewy and glow LOl.  I love the trend glowing skin but my skin is combination and slightly a little dry so when i need to glow my cheek, i only put a barely tiny pump onto my cheeks, forehead or mix with foundation sometimes. That's why this product is needed and worked as highlighter for me :D.
These photos below are some other skin care products i like
Butter, lotion for body

Acne treatment: Tree oil and Origin. To be honest, both don't work well on my face, although they have reduced acnes for awhile. But i found the best acne treatment:Milk queen bee. My mom gave it to me when my face started being covered by acne. Surprising! try it, and you can understand why.

My hair lover. A friend gave me as a gift and my brother accidentally dropped it T.T but still, best product for hair 
I'm sorry, i coudn't rotate this but as you see above: My lip treatments are lip scrub from lush ( good one, you can make one by yourself ), and some other lip balms that work fine.

My tip: Make up is only temporary, if you have healthy skin so you don't need foundation... etc. I regret invest my budget in makeup instead of skincare product. I won't never do it again, except for mascara, lipsticks, and eyeliner ( Lol).
+ When you look for skincare product, try sample first and then find your favorite. I don't know whether we should stick to a same product or not but i'm kind of person who stick to a favorite one forever. But most people recommend you should switch skincare product occasionally. However, still Your decision finally!
+ Drink more water, vintamin c, limit coffee, don't use a lot makeup ( LOl) ( My mom forces me to do every single thing of these, and this is one of my resolution this year but i guess i'm gonna give up. Sorry mom)
+ Always clean your face carefully after using makeup.
 + Last but not least: Be happy ^.^