Black and white

  I only have 3 weeks left until spring break. Time flies so fast, I feel like yesterday was just the beginning of Winter quarter. Weird feelings. Anyway, i don't have much time for blogging since school works drive me crazy, feel like i have no time to breath ( okay, i exaggerate it a little bit).Anyway,  I had kept telling myself that i seriously needed a jeans, a true jeans that can make my big thighs look smaller. I literally wore legging everyday since i didn't feel confident when it came to jeans. But the thing here was i love  boyfriend-jeans, which makes your thighs even bigger. Seeing skinny people wearing boyfriend jean was really a pain in my ass. Well, it isn't anymore. Last week, i found what i have dreamt for such a long time - A  boyfriend jeans that has every details i love: hipster, bright color, nice cut, affordable price... Although it still makes my thighs bigger, it's better than all jeans i have tried. I tried to style it with black/white knit and kinda slightly prefer black knit with the jeans but hey, white knit makes me brighter right
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