Saturday's bag


  Yay yay, laying on bed and having nothing to do were really boring so i decided to  re-post " What's in your bag" again but in a small version, this is what i mostly/truly carry around though.
1. My favorite purse, i bought this when i needed a small black purse  instead of my large bag and happily found this one in Love Culture. Although i'm so in love with Proenza Shoulder 11 but it's just so beyond my wallet.
2. My phone - Well, couple hours ago, i just destroyed my phone by installing whatever crap and now i'm suffering the misery of losing all of my contacts, apps, plus photos and can't activate the phone anymore. So stupid!
3. Viva nicki glam lipstick - gift from someone, The color on my lip is neutral pink and forsure one of the best lipsticks i have tried, even though it's quite dry.
4. Mac Powder blush in peaches - gift from someone, The only blush i use right now. After a day wearing it, i stopped using my previous blushes, highly recommend this one.
5. Eyeliner from revlon, i've been using it for almost year it hasn't run out yet and is the only/best eyeliner i use.
6. Watches from West Seal. Perfectly for my daily all- black outfit.
After years addicting to fashion, I have to admit Japanese's style is the best. Even though i have been trying to dress like them but somehow it's impossible. Their style are unique, a combination of many layers but still simple and cute. 
Lately, i'm trying to dress some bright clothes instead of sticking to my black ones. It's shy to say this but this outfit is the one i wore at home and also... outside. I'm just azy to change clothes. 
Just changed different shoes, adding the bag and wollen scarf.Now you have different outlook hahahaha.