Instagram time

I just published my instagram recently. I'm slightly turning into an instagram addict since there is nobody around here to help me take photos by my heavy camera ( it's just a little bit complicated to make friends understand how the camera works and how to focus). Anyway, instagram works pretty well for my crap photos. Check it out if you have time @kunbeo

1. New year's moment - i won't never forget it.
2. Yes, i'm food lover :X
3,4,5,6: What i wore for school and wandering around.I'm so deep in love with the mirror of my new apt, pretty convenient for me to take self- photos, hehe.
7: Me before hanging-out time
8: :X
9: beautiful memories with friends during christmas day
10: I love enjoying frappuchino despite of -1 celsius :)
11: Cute stuffs for new week: cleaser face from Kieh'l ( pretty damn good), Nude lipstick for school and Japanese fashion magazine - there are so many adorable styles, its name is Jille. You can download  it online but this edition by far is my most favorite


  1. Black shorts + black tights + black shoes is the perfect combo. I loveee to wear it, it really elongates my legs (major plusss)


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