Seattle (7)

    Time for summer break. It has been almost 3 days since the last class, but i still felt a little sad. It's really weird cuz i have studied with my classmates for 9 months but now only 3 months when i started to make friends with classmates, we said goodbye to each other. That's why some of my Vietnamese friends told me before i came here: " I don't think you will have many friends in college or something like Americans don't make friends in college". Sadly, it's true.  I got some friends but felt like a fish out of water. I Stood on the campus and asked myself: " What the hell am i doing?". I felt completely lonely, that time my heart drifted to Viet Nam again.However, it were just rambling thoughts. I'm good right now: hanging out with friends all day, drinking starbucks and yelling like a crazy girl, sleeping at 3am and waking up till noon. What a life!
 I has gave up taking photos since i came here ( i mean serious photoshoot) because of stress, studying, friends, family, homesick... Yesterday i might think i should come back to it considering it's summer now. Is it a perfect time to start taking photos again?
 From now on, i promise write more on this blog ( some serious and experience journeys in Vietnamese as well as my diaries). I have been trying to increase my writing so that Most Seattle posts were written in english. I don't want somebody think that i  show off my english skill and pretend not to know my mother language ( ridiculous hah). There will be an upcoming post tomorrow that are my Iphone photos diary :D.
 I gotta go bed now, ciao guys!

My trend right now. Black and white or white and black
This photo and these photos under are taken around 11:30 pm. I called these photos under a name: " Seattle by night". Btw, i'm a night person. Teehe!

Bar, bar, bar. Bars were always crowded. I'm not 21 years old or even officially 18 years old so I still have 3 years to go to step into these bars.

I had sushi today in Sushi land. They were always perfect and delicious!

Best things today: Home-made Green tea ice cream. Mother of god, it was beyond perfect!


  1. I've been reading your blog for a while now and your photos are beautiful and so is your style :) Being a foreign student myself, I can relate to you in the whole friends-making department. I heard the same issue is going on everywhere now not just particularly in the US but I do believe if we sincerely open our hearts to people, they won't turn us down (well, some of them). So good luck to you and keep up the great work on the blog!

  2. oh thank you so much for all your lovely words ! Yes you're right i'm still on my way to open my heart and hopefully in the future, nobody turns me down ( teehee). Once again, you make my day :). Thank you !

  3. keep on writing more my lil Heo I can't imagine how your life has been so far, nothing but eating (though those dishes made me so envy that I couldn't try any of them)
    how abt ur photography ? y u no photograph stuff like u did at home ?
    how abt everything ? is there something not ok ? I hope life in US is treating you well .

    I've just stopped believing that there could be someday we met on Skype you know ;( impossible rendezvous just brings nonsense things . so please keep on writing more and more .

  4. Thank you my sis. Hahaha you know i love eating right.
    Seattle has been treating me well so far. However, sometimes, i felt like Seattle was not as "nice" as i used to imagine but i'm ok now and photography, i have quit it for awhile ...
    I'm so sorry for my vain promises. It is just i'm not in talking mood for a couple months ago but i hope we can talk with each other sometime this summer.
    Thanks sis for reading my messy stuffs :), miss you!


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