seattle (6)

         " La dolce Vita" means " the sweet life" in Italia. I dont know why but really love this saying. In seattle, there was a time when things didn't happen on my own but then always ended up with this saying. Sometimes, i realize the world is more beautiful than its appearance. The matter here is how we see and enjoy it. Don't look this life with negative eyes cuz being in this life is an avaluable thing for you.
walking around Japanese bookstore and market. 

this is like a magic book

" xi xon xon xi xi xi xon" wish i could read chinese somedays.

a whole view of the book store


Bun bo i made

 I think this is the most beautiful starbucks in Seattle

The right one was mine - it was mocha coconut frap and super delicious. 

went to a park and played insanely

Donut - im not an eating machine but my friends are so basically, i ate a lot these recent days

Durian cake. Seriously, this was the first time i tried it and it tasted weird but good though

Duck parent and their child

Of course, it's me


  1. Hi Kun,
    thanks for the kind words! Seattle looks beautiful. My boyfriend's mom is going there in July for a couple of days. I wish I could come too haha.


    1. Hahaha When you have a chance to come here - this lovely city, just call me. I'm glad to be your tour guide :)


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