April 23, 2013

Big decision

    This friday, i'm gonna cut my long hair. Yup, after being with long hair literally for my whole life. I love my hair so much.I'm so proud of my hair, there is no word that can describe how i treasure it, like i never let someone touch my hair except a really good hair stylist or myself. When it comes to hair, i'm kinda coward. Changing seems a big deal to me. Last year, i made a big chance, from no bang to bang. This year, i'm gonna make it again, long hair to short hair. I have been thinking about this for such a long time, asked people whether i should cut or not. Most of the time, they told me not to do that, they loved it , so natural wavy... but one of my closet friends said: "  girl, you live young once and hair can grow up any time, just do it". I came home that day, thinking about it, and deciding to cut it. It's not about we live young once, there are so much things happening right now and changing might help me come back to my balance mood. If not, well! i have new hair :)
 Some memories with my long hair ( love you like forever, my hair, see you someday again in future >3)

April 21, 2013

Seattle diaries 13

Hey, how are you guys doing? These last two weeks were really stressful. School things are crazy like hell, plus i was pretty sick last week. That's why i didn't have much time for blogging.I'm trying my best to update it every one or two weeks, i almost gave up this post though Haha. Okay, so many good news came to me today: Some new pieces of favorite brand clothing are on the way to me ( you know, it's been a long time i haven't bought clothes so Wohoooo!!!), my brother is gonna visit me next month plus he has sent his gift to me:  Nike shoes ( Wohooo, my first Nike), since i need a good running shoes for my diet ( in case you ask: i'm skinny now, but i need to diet for summer since i tend to gain a lot of weights during spring-summer Hahahaha). 
These photos above were taken in a beautiful sunny day with my girl: Le. We had a really good time: coffee, park, people, blossoms, chilling, taking photos. Oh god, What could be better!

Too beautiful

I bought the top from a shop called Nosbyn, check it out when you need some things minimalistic and simple, love it !

I'm in love with this neighborhood.

People :)

I wondered what i was looking at in this photo. 

and mah girl :)

April 8, 2013

Need to get out of school

   I kinda hate school so much recently. It has been a year and i almost think that i already adapt well to the new culture. Well, it doesn't. Tonight, i had a class, which has  good view to see Seattle at night but instead of focusing on my instructor's lecture, i looked outside and wondered myself: " what am i doing here?" I mean the answers obviously are getting my degree, having a job and living on my own. It's just i don't really understand myself. Friends here are not the same like friends in Viet Nam, i forsure can't force them being what i want but honestly,  i can't stand this anymore. I know i have to be stronger but  only this moment, i wish i could fly to travel around the world, learn real lessons about life, get out of this stressful time or just a deep sleep and dream of floating on galaxy, living in the world of Kagaya's pictures.
          Crap things - Seattle 04/08/2013

April 6, 2013

Hello blog, nice to see you again

    I miss my blog so much, wish i could have more time for this blog but school  has been driving me crazy. I take 4 classes this quarter and one additional class, which means i'm gonna die very soon.  I still  remember how i dresses up nicely almost everyday in the winter quarter compared to now, i went to classes literally with something that looked like pyjamas, plus messy hair and no eye makeup. Probably, lip balm is the only thing i can take in hurry and run as fast as i can *sight*. Anyway, as usual, i have some photos from my day with a friend. I freaking love this time of the year, blossoms everywhere, nice weather, people look more happier and finally, i can eat frozen yogurt properly :D :D :D.

Say peace!!!

From my love to you!

Perfect match.

Behind my school

So beautiful ! Wish they woudn't fade and could last forever.


My girl