Sunday, March 24, 2013

Seattle diaries 12

Believe or not? I have a thousand of photos that are needed to edit right now. Every weekends, i tried to schedule " blog time", in which i will write, edit and post photos to this blog but most of the time i ended up writing some crap things that weren't supposed to be on my " blog list". It sucks every times, although there were some good ones . Anyway, the photos above are taken in an usual hang out day with my friend. It was kinda a gray day ( you know that how Seattle is) but we had a really great time. Let's the photos tell you!

Blossoms in Seattle. My most favorite thing in the world.
Paramount theater 

Somewhere under Pine Market - Highly recommend for those who are going to travel to Seattle. 

On the way from downtown to my apt. I really love walking recently, and here is one of my reasons: listen to the sound  of Seattle

My girl was trying to pin the blossom on her hair.

Well, nothing can't happen in America ... A "sexy" superwoman.

My favorite capture of the day: A taxi driver read book while he was waiting for customers. it brings me a weird feelings every times i looked at this photo. It's so LIFE!
From laina's apt. I don't know why but this photo makes me homesick
Twilight in Seattle. Amazing!
Nice dressing girl. I tried to snap her secretly and here is the result. Although i coudn't take  the in front of her but if i could, it would be blow you out.Too simple and elegant!
Finally, It's me. 

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