Saturday, January 26, 2013

Yes, friday again

Well, my life recently is kinda boring and somehow i'm not in the mood to write anything but just want to post something on this mildewy blog. ( there are so many plans for my blog. First of all i gotta finish my travel diaries in California soon or maybe re-do what's in my bag but for winter,and then need to buy white bed sheets for photography/instagram life Lol )

My typical friday, except KFC's chickens

Forgive me for so many sushi posts, i can't help to take photos of them, it was so delicious and is listed as my second favorite food that i want to eat forever ( of course its behind Vietnamese food)

Seared salmon

Tuna sushi, my beloved ;)

And finally fried tofu :) ( i must say i'm truly a food lover)
A good sister, and a pretty girl too.

Yup its me, long maxim dress with denim jacket,. This outfit probably is my most favorite one, so comfortable, nice hem, and makes me more girly than ever.
and by the way, stop at my if you have time, i'm kinda instagram addict right now


  1. That ensemble makes you look feminine AND tough at the same time \m/

    1. And ummm, do you have a tumblr? Not trying to be creepy, it's just easier sending messages that way :D

  2. oh thank you :X :X.
    Hey don't worry, it's not creepy, i do have tumblr but haven't used it for such a long time. Anyway, you can ask me anything through this ( i don't often use it too but it's easier to answer) or just send me an email through :)