Sunday, January 13, 2013

Happy friday

 Since i came back to school, friday is always my favorite day of the week. No more school, no more stressful, no more worries. I literally hung out with friends from the moment i came out of my last class to midnight. Except it was so cold ( -1 celsius), but still, everything were so good.
   Laina is on the top list people that i wanna call firstly.  Hanging out w this girl is always cheering me up. I always end up laughing to death each time when she started talking.
     Laina: " Hey girl, you know what, there was a murder on my island"
     Me: " Really?"
    Laina: " Yeah, there hadn't been any murder before."
    Me: " Now you have one. ( troll face), so did they find a killer"
    Laina: " Yes, the killer was a husband, and victim was his wife, they ran a pizza restaurant together and its really near my house, he was unfaithful and had a lover. That's why he cut off his wife's body and buried in a forest nearby."
   Me: " Omg, that's kinda scary"
   Laina: " Now it's the scariest part of this story"
   Me: "?"
   Laina: " since now i have to drive one more hour to buy a pizza, damn him" ( serious face)
   Me: " -_-"
 At first, we just wandered around downtown, looking for some stuffs but then we saw a restaurant with a sign: " 15 for a course, lunch time". We were like: " wt heck, that's so super cheap, we should give a shoot". Actually, i was kind of scary of quality of the course or whatever since this was really nice restaurant and 15 usd was cheap ( in America) for a course that included appetizer, main dish and dessert. Luckily, i had the best American lunch ever ( not the real best, but this price beats everything)
Free bread with butter, Laina's appetizer 
Mine was tomato soup as an appetizer, plus a small mixed vegetable dish
On left: the main dish, i don't remember the name of this dish since it wasn't english anymore ( i meant they named it in english but i hardly understood this menu T,T, poor me. So i choose randomly and it was  kind of a fish with onion ring, dipping in some special sauces and super delicious).
On the right: vanilla ice cream and ... ( sorry, i don't remember name,  it wasn't good though)
 Pose like a boss
My face is kinda weird recently, i lost a lot of weights right now ( so happy that i'm a person easily gain and lose weight, especially my legs hehehehe ), but my face didn't, it might be swollen because of the cold weather or ....( hello double chin, i hate you) and the skin turned to be pretty pale. T.T
    Anyway, friday isn't friday without playing card and drinking bubble tea with VietNamese friends.

Last smile before freezing time -_-'

It is so cold recently, no matter how i tried to put as many clothes as i can ( 2-3 leggings, 5-6 shirts plus jacket) but it's still freaking cold. At the night, the temperature was down to -4c ( f*** weather, you're killing me). 
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