January 27, 2013


   Life is getting tough and tough to me. Living in this fucking chaotic world makes me wanna disappear or just a long sleep and never wake up. People - the most scariest word, presses me down to the end of black hole. They flattered me, giving me compliments, using me and  stabbing to my back. They don't know anything about me and they better shoudn't know about it. Hurt and painful lead me to a plan, a beautiful plan to revenge. I thought i was on the right way but at the end of this way, when i looked at them, the only one i could see was me. I don't know since from when i turned into bitch, giving everybody fake smiles, fake worlds, participating into the lie world and told myself it was just a social communication. And Yes, it was.
                        "While seeking revenge, dig two graves - one for yourself. "

                                                                                                                                      Seattle, 01/20/2012

Saturday's bag


  Yay yay, laying on bed and having nothing to do were really boring so i decided to  re-post " What's in your bag" again but in a small version, this is what i mostly/truly carry around though.
1. My favorite purse, i bought this when i needed a small black purse  instead of my large bag and happily found this one in Love Culture. Although i'm so in love with Proenza Shoulder 11 but it's just so beyond my wallet.
2. My phone - Well, couple hours ago, i just destroyed my phone by installing whatever crap and now i'm suffering the misery of losing all of my contacts, apps, plus photos and can't activate the phone anymore. So stupid!
3. Viva nicki glam lipstick - gift from someone, The color on my lip is neutral pink and forsure one of the best lipsticks i have tried, even though it's quite dry.
4. Mac Powder blush in peaches - gift from someone, The only blush i use right now. After a day wearing it, i stopped using my previous blushes, highly recommend this one.
5. Eyeliner from revlon, i've been using it for almost year it hasn't run out yet and is the only/best eyeliner i use.
6. Watches from West Seal. Perfectly for my daily all- black outfit.
After years addicting to fashion, I have to admit Japanese's style is the best. Even though i have been trying to dress like them but somehow it's impossible. Their style are unique, a combination of many layers but still simple and cute. 
Lately, i'm trying to dress some bright clothes instead of sticking to my black ones. It's shy to say this but this outfit is the one i wore at home and also... outside. I'm just azy to change clothes. 
Just changed different shoes, adding the bag and wollen scarf.Now you have different outlook hahahaha.

January 26, 2013

Yes, friday again

Well, my life recently is kinda boring and somehow i'm not in the mood to write anything but just want to post something on this mildewy blog. ( there are so many plans for my blog. First of all i gotta finish my travel diaries in California soon or maybe re-do what's in my bag but for winter,and then need to buy white bed sheets for photography/instagram life Lol )

My typical friday, except KFC's chickens

Forgive me for so many sushi posts, i can't help to take photos of them, it was so delicious and is listed as my second favorite food that i want to eat forever ( of course its behind Vietnamese food)

Seared salmon

Tuna sushi, my beloved ;)

And finally fried tofu :) ( i must say i'm truly a food lover)
A good sister, and a pretty girl too.

Yup its me, long maxim dress with denim jacket,. This outfit probably is my most favorite one, so comfortable, nice hem, and makes me more girly than ever.
and by the way, stop at my http://web.stagram.com/n/kunbeo/ if you have time, i'm kinda instagram addict right now

January 19, 2013

Instagram time

I just published my instagram recently. I'm slightly turning into an instagram addict since there is nobody around here to help me take photos by my heavy camera ( it's just a little bit complicated to make friends understand how the camera works and how to focus). Anyway, instagram works pretty well for my crap photos. Check it out if you have time @kunbeo

1. New year's moment - i won't never forget it.
2. Yes, i'm food lover :X
3,4,5,6: What i wore for school and wandering around.I'm so deep in love with the mirror of my new apt, pretty convenient for me to take self- photos, hehe.
7: Me before hanging-out time
8: :X
9: beautiful memories with friends during christmas day
10: I love enjoying frappuchino despite of -1 celsius :)
11: Cute stuffs for new week: cleaser face from Kieh'l ( pretty damn good), Nude lipstick for school and Japanese fashion magazine - there are so many adorable styles, its name is Jille. You can download  it online but this edition by far is my most favorite

January 13, 2013

Happy friday

 Since i came back to school, friday is always my favorite day of the week. No more school, no more stressful, no more worries. I literally hung out with friends from the moment i came out of my last class to midnight. Except it was so cold ( -1 celsius), but still, everything were so good.
   Laina is on the top list people that i wanna call firstly.  Hanging out w this girl is always cheering me up. I always end up laughing to death each time when she started talking.
     Laina: " Hey girl, you know what, there was a murder on my island"
     Me: " Really?"
    Laina: " Yeah, there hadn't been any murder before."
    Me: " Now you have one. ( troll face), so did they find a killer"
    Laina: " Yes, the killer was a husband, and victim was his wife, they ran a pizza restaurant together and its really near my house, he was unfaithful and had a lover. That's why he cut off his wife's body and buried in a forest nearby."
   Me: " Omg, that's kinda scary"
   Laina: " Now it's the scariest part of this story"
   Me: "?"
   Laina: " since now i have to drive one more hour to buy a pizza, damn him" ( serious face)
   Me: " -_-"
 At first, we just wandered around downtown, looking for some stuffs but then we saw a restaurant with a sign: " 15 for a course, lunch time". We were like: " wt heck, that's so super cheap, we should give a shoot". Actually, i was kind of scary of quality of the course or whatever since this was really nice restaurant and 15 usd was cheap ( in America) for a course that included appetizer, main dish and dessert. Luckily, i had the best American lunch ever ( not the real best, but this price beats everything)
Free bread with butter, Laina's appetizer 
Mine was tomato soup as an appetizer, plus a small mixed vegetable dish
On left: the main dish, i don't remember the name of this dish since it wasn't english anymore ( i meant they named it in english but i hardly understood this menu T,T, poor me. So i choose randomly and it was  kind of a fish with onion ring, dipping in some special sauces and super delicious).
On the right: vanilla ice cream and ... ( sorry, i don't remember name,  it wasn't good though)
 Pose like a boss
My face is kinda weird recently, i lost a lot of weights right now ( so happy that i'm a person easily gain and lose weight, especially my legs hehehehe ), but my face didn't, it might be swollen because of the cold weather or ....( hello double chin, i hate you) and the skin turned to be pretty pale. T.T
    Anyway, friday isn't friday without playing card and drinking bubble tea with VietNamese friends.

Last smile before freezing time -_-'

It is so cold recently, no matter how i tried to put as many clothes as i can ( 2-3 leggings, 5-6 shirts plus jacket) but it's still freaking cold. At the night, the temperature was down to -4c ( f*** weather, you're killing me). 
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January 6, 2013


I know it's too late to write about new year since it has passed for 5 days but that was an unforgettable night. The night before that, Seattle's weather was pretty bad, it was so much foggy even at day and night, it made us didn't expect a good firework day.However, 31st was kinda a nice day, even it was ( forsure) cold. Some friends picked me up and we celebrated a huge dinner before New year ( mostly we were so hungry plus we had 6+ hours left).

The night before 31st

I wandered around downtown by myself, trying capture best moments of very last days of 2012
Finished decorating my room, fresh start for new year.
Outfit for the day,  actually not the outfit i wore for NewYear night.
Last day for shopping.
And got lost -_-
Huge dinner

silly faces :)).
Then we headed to MLK beach but it turned out really freezing so we decided to go back to my apt and played card. It was so much fun, the one who lose had to drink water, i won't never forget these memories :). Then we went to Queen Anne hill - a beautiful place to see firework.After 1+ hours looking for place to park, finally we got a good spot to enjoy our last moments of 2012. When the time started counting down, we hugged each other really tight, my eyes were filled with tears. I know to some people, it was just a new year but to me, it was an unforgettable year. I changed completely. All my memories since the first time i came to Seattle have returned like a movie, the feelings of being lonely, homesick, worrying, happy, tears. I haven't thought i would study in America ( since my dream was Europe), i haven't thought there were so much things happening to me ( not a homesick) but i'm so happy that i have gone through it and became stronger, independent and the most valuable thing was that this year helped me to realize how important my family is in my heart. Thank you 2012, you're always  my most favorite year!
Đến giờ vẫn không tin đã qua năm 2012. Cũng giờ này năm trước đây, mình bắt đầu cuộc sống mới với đầy niềm vui, nỗi buồn, nước mắt. Cuộc sống xa nhà giúp mình lớn lên cũng như cho mình mấy cái tát vào mặt. Đời không màu hồng như mình tưởng, người tốt cũng không nhiều như mình nghĩ. Khoảng thời gian gần một năm không phải là nhiều, nhưng nó đã dạy cho mình quá nhiều bài học về cuộc sống, về bạn bè, về gia đình. Khi khoảnh khắc đếm ngược diễn ra, mọi ký ức của năm 2012 như những đoạn phim bắt đầu tua dần lại trong tâm trí mình. Từ những bước chập chững mới qua Mỹ, từ những phút giây cô đơn giữa một môi trường xa lạ, cho đến những giây phút vui vẻ với bạn bè mới, rồi lại cảm xúc cảm động sau một thời gian được gặp gia đình và bạn bè ở Việt Nam. Tất cả là những khoảnh khắc quý giá mà mình sẽ cất mãi trong tim. Cảm ơn mày 2012, mày đã dạy tao sau khó khăn bao giờ cũng là cơ hội và bài học, giúp tao thấy được ai là bạn và ai là bè, giúp tao mạnh mẽ, và cuối cùng giúp tao nhận ra gia đình là những gì quý giá nhất của tao. Cảm ơn mày 2012, tao sẽ không bao giờ quên mày
btw i have instagram right now ( @kunbeo) :)

January 2, 2013

shopping hunt before new year.

 Last night was unforgettable. Before getting into that,i'm so happy that my wishlist for new year is completed successfully. Beside things that are on my wishlist, i also got for me some really nice items.
So here is my wishlist


white jacket, red sweater, sneakers, Mango coat, urban decay eyeshadow naked 1, blue blouse with trimmed collar sheer clouse
After christmas were big sale days, that's the time for me to shop whatever i have dreamt for such a long time. And the first thing, i would buy immediately was this eyeshadow palette. i haven't used eyeshadow before and It's so expensive for my budget, i have thought for so long just to decide should i buy it or not. After going in and out Sephora, trying like crazy, and deeply in love with it, now it's mine. The colors were so neutral, beautiful, glittering and pretty good on my asian eyes.
Half baked was my favorite shadow

Me after putting on the eyeshadows, i felt sexier ;)

Red ( kind of velvet) sweater from H&M

Got it on sale with incredible price.

red ( velvet) purse with orange-shade lipstick from H&M ( highly recommend this lipstick, its cheap , about 5 bucks or something and turns out really good)

Sparkling sneaker from Aldoshoes. It actually wasn't on my wishlist but it's so beautiful that i coudn't help . However, i'm gonna return it back since it hurts my toes so much :(.
Beautiful cardigan from H&M. You never go wrong when choosing H&M For winter outfits ( believe me, most of my winter clothes were from H&M, they did pretty good job)

White jacket for darkness day.
love it :X :X
 a coat from H&M, not exactly like the coat i dreamt but its warm, long enough and on sale. 
And there is always at least a blouse for new year.