Quick talk (3) - Should I move?

  Hmm, for some reason, I have been feeling annoyed with my instagram. I know opening instagram to the public means you have to accept uninvited guests but somehow something keeps holding me back from being free on instagram. Like I said before, I tried to post whatever I want on instagram but I feel like I'm drifting out of my comfort zone. My instagram theme has always been involved in lifestyle/landscape and outfit photos. The kind of photos that typically in people's eyes look all right ( you know what I meant right).  However, Lately, I just want to post photos tat the right time, the right moment, relating to my mood, and saying what I mean for that photo without sitting trying to squeeze out of myself a meaningful caption. But I feel uneasy to post food photos, my selfies, photos related to my mood or any outfit photos on my instagram since Instagram shifted its way from being a place, where people share their normal daily photos to a places, where people share their artist photos or photos that promote themselves ( not all of it). Once I posted something like that, It makes urge to delete it immediately because It doesn't go with the theme, the atmosphere, or because of some kinds of weird tradition mindsets I put on myself!? Like I have been not a selfie girl on instagram, now suddenly people get some weird selfies acting like a gothic girl. =))

 I just wanna be completely in free state of mind, where I can just " oh, this photo suits my mood or I want to post it" . One of reasons It makes me uncomfortable is how I want to post a lot of similar photos and at the same time Lol I don't want people's news feed get flooded by the same things. So I created another one, I named it Kuncorner, just to post whatever I want. But then I realize what the heck I am doing with my main instagram, I haven't posted on it recently and even don't mind to log in into it, is it something I'm still holding on because I want people might want to keep up with me once in a while. My bf/friends told me just don't care about it and post whatever you want on the main one but Idk if I should do it, don't care about the theme I've been building up in my instagram or just put the sign on my profile: " move to new instagram" LOL ( I don't want to delete it though, there are so many memories :))) ).  What a complicated me!