My birthday though disposable camera

 I planned to post my " winter outfit" blog first, However, I decided to post this one first since I just got a " fresh" film developed.  On my 21st birthday ( Actually, I postponed 1 day late due to my work) , I cut all my connections to outside world, just spent time alone, doing some activities that I haven't done for a while. It was really fresh time to look at myself again, you know the feeling when you woke up in the morning and realized: " damn, you officially became adult, oh wait, no, damn, you get older now". You was a little child, covered by love from your parents. You don't need to worry any single things back then and BOM, you grown up with full mind of a bunch of million things keep spinning in your mind: what to finish, what to do, what to eat, your thirst to fulfill your desires, your responsibilities. It was actually amazing to me to see how I am myself and people around me got older and changing. It's funny that just couple years ago, I felt scared the shit out of me whenever I thought how my life would be, I didn't want to be grow up at all,  missing my childhood life, the regret of not doing things I wanted to do. In other words, I hate the future, I hate it so much, Why people had to grow older and older, and then have to witness your beloved ones to pass away, why? Though I gradually accepted life is not permanent, accepted that one day I have to see people I love go away, that getting older and forgetting is okay. That's why it's called life, just live fullest with your present because

“Yesterday is history,

tomorrow is a mystery, 

and today is a gift... 

that's why they call it present” 

― Master Oogway ( kung fu Panda)

Anyway, back to my birthday, I woke up with a feeling hard to describe, I couldn't believe I'm 21 years old, the weather outside seemed pretty gloomy, yet, it's my favorite kind of weather ever. I chose myself a warm cardigan with a long shirt to cover my jegging and a nice pair of pointy flats, just to give "birthday girl" a little glamorous feelings. I went outside, took the bus 43 to downtown, no connections today, no friends, no family, just me and the outside world. Set up my phone to plane mode, I played my favorite calm soundtrack : " path to the wind" from my favorite cute movie Totoro and spent my time looking to all the views outside. I observed people and guess what's their jobs and how their personalities ( sounds stalker hahah). Some people was waiting the bus, some people enjoyed their coffee, some doing exercise, while others  having their own times with normal activities. Everything probably to them seemed like other days, but to me today, they were different, they were more peaceful, more emotion, more loves. I said thank you to the driver and headed to a movie theater nearby. I don't know if It was my instinct or just my sudden decision to pick " The intern" as my movie of the day. I bought myself a pack of fried fries with a good cold apple juice bottle, what else could be better when you enjoyed a good movie with your favorite snack and a sip of apple juice, that go through your throat, cleaning your salty throat with subtle pure sweetnesses, although  it kinda was ironical that Amc, which is a movie theather,  has probably the best fried fries among all the fast food chains. My tip is getting yourself packages of ketchup, relish, mustard, mixing them together and woola, you got the " animal style" special sauce from the famous In n Out burger. The movie was amazing, simple, yet brilliant. I enjoyed the movie a lot, I didn't cry like some of the reviews I read online but It was such a beautiful to me. I won't spoil you with any summary, I would probably someday write a review about this movie, but for now, I'd tell you to buy a ticket or couple tickets to go see it ( Highly recommend for anyone, who are interested in slice of life types of movie).

You won't miss any presents for yourself right? that's why I stopped myself at forever21, took a look around, thinking maybe I would give myself some nice hauls today.After having fun times trying some good pieces of clothing, I left f21 without buying anything though. hmm...

I headed to the famous sight of Seattle: Pike place market to stop at one of the famous local pastry bakery I haven't had a chance to try  instead of hearing repeatedly of how good it was from my friends: Piroshky. When I was there, the line was already long.  Suddenly the sky starts falling drops of rain, which made me mumbling in happiness, wondering if the Sky knew this was my birthday and rains as their gift from above ( I love rain). I bought myself a smoked salmon pate and an apple cinnamon roll based on the opinions from Yelp and a guy working there. They both were all delicious, especially the smoked salmon pastry, that shaped like a cute little fish was flaky, soft, filling with creamy and perfect flavor, but the smell from the bakery was even better than its taste. The bakery is located in a small corner of the market, I feel like they injected some sort of scents into the air because the smell of the bakery already explain how they got highly rated. Be careful if you pass by the bakery, because you won't never know how you would be lured in by their awesomely delicious smell! ( unfortunately, I didn't take any photos of these goodies.) After filling my empty stomach, I took my leisure times strolling around the market like a long time friend visited its hometown before leaving. 

       I love walking around the market, hearing the sounds of fisherman singing their " throwing fish" song, which is a tradition where they sing( sounds more callcall upon some unknown words) while throw fishes to each other in a far distance.  I love watching the interactions between sellers and buyers, love seeing them asking questions and trade in their smiles. I love seeing beautiful flowers,colorful fruits, nice baked pastries from my favorite vendor, where I usually got my favorite Lemon bar, and of course I'm in love with all the vendors and small shops underground. I love the market!

The area, Where I got myself the most delicious chirashi bowl for my dinner. I didn't take a photo though, since I bought togo for my luxury dinner and it already turned to be a mess. 
Before heading home,  I stopped myself one of my favorite spot for a great quality espresso drink: Vivace, ordering myself with their a hot delish " white velvet", which is made from their homemade white chocolate, perfect roasted coffee and a hint of lemon zest, that I knew It would keep me through the rainy day.
Fun fact abt myself: No matter what kind of dogs, I have some kind of power that every dogs I encountered always looked at me or turned around to look at me, or even ran to me. 

 For the rest of the day, I did some cleanings, listening to music, buying me a cheap good bottle wine from a brand that doesn't sound good at all: The barefoot, taking a long shower and enjoyed my meal while listening my peaceful music.

Finally, I wrote a note for myself as my birthday tradition before reconnecting to my loved ones.

I'm grateful for being existence in this world and thankful for what life has been given to me till now. Goodbye 20, you will be missed!