Quick talk 2

The second part in Japan is almost done, there are so many photos to select/edit. I know It's overdue but honestly, I'm extremely picky and undecided person when it comes to edit photos. I gotta admit I was so good in editing photos back then, every time I look at my old photos, I myself can't believe how professional and "right" color my photos were. I could spend 3-5 hours just to learn, experience adjusting color to suit with its themes and make it look as good as possible. To make myself easier, I created some actions in photoshop or " memories of how to do it that I believed I could remember"  in my brain, which obviously all of the actions disappear every time I switched to a new laptop and thanks to all editing photo apps, I become super lazy to edit photos and suddenly at one point, I realized not only the memories disappeared but also my aesthetic personality. sighzz, However, it's good that I'm on my way back to " the times" - when I seriously poured my heart in my photos.

Bonus photos from hang out time to favorite brunch spot with one of my dear sisters.
 Don't be jealous

I know you're drooling now.
Crabcake Egg Bennedict!!!
My stomach is dying just by looking at these again.
This one  looks kinda weird due to my long forehead :)). 

I miss traveling, so much... I miss being on the road, constantly getting lost, learning new things and trying new food.  Like when I'm in that state of " I want to goooo" , most of my friends and my family suddenly traveled, which indirectly rubbed salts into my heart Lol :)). Oh, talking about my family, I'm actually inherited that " travel blood" from my mom.  She is the one who first taught me how to travel , the one who accompanied with me to almost all my travels and the best traveling buddy ever.  And yes, she is still traveling now, despite of being " almost old" 54 years old lady.
I don't want to brag too much about her but I can't help being so proud of having a mom like her. Seriously, She is like a dad of my family, while my dad likes staying home, watching tv, cleaning ( he is OCD freak actually) and cooking :))))) Lmao. Being a Vietnamese, it's so lucky to have them as my parents , who doesn't even care who are bf/gf of their childs, doesn't want their child to bring grandchild to stay with them so they can take care of grandchild like most vnamese family while their child go to work because of wanting to let their child know that how hard being a parents and most because they want to enjoy their times when they get old LOL , finally they dont want to stay with me or need me to take care of them when they re old. It sounds like I'm having an American parents but honestly, it's all happened because of my mom, whom I believed a reincarnation of a westerner LOL. My dad was actually a typical conservative dad but he is changing because of my mom. I've told you the story of my mom in a blogpost before, but there are still so many untold stories that I'm willing to share with you someday when I have time. But for now, She is devoting her life half completely ( half because she still has to manage her business lol)  to find inner peace, being happy, meditate, learn buddha lessons and being the real buddhist ( because there are so many misunderstandings of what buddhism is and people make it turn into some kind of superstitious, while it's just a collections of obvious basic life lessons but we always pass by and search something that is more superior or even Monks themselves mistakes what its true meaning. But this is different story, and I will likely never tell you due to sensitive topic ahaahahahahahaha)  Anyway, back to my mom, within this year, she's travelled 8 countries by herself ( except Europe with my dad because she wants him to know more about the world and getting out of his boredom due to getting retired)  and she's currently on her 6th trip to Myanmar 2nd times to go all temples in 5 cities in Myanmar. I'm myself even surprised of her, I've though that she couldn't travel alone by herself after I went to study abroad ( you would be lonely to travel by yourself, don't go mama , wait until I came back :))), yes, I was a selfish child btw )  but the she proceeded to practice speaking english everyday for traveling and for not to ask for helps from us. She actually doesn't like big country such as US or so not into Europe, her big traveling passion on the other hand is buddhist countries or developing countries. That's why she travelled to Nepal, butan, Laos, India... ( She came to India 2nd times to Drahamsala to attend 3 days learning Buddhism lessons with Dalai Lama XIV) oh, and she also went to Tibet with a tour due to strict entry limitation from China Government, you can't go by yourself unless with a company that has the license to enter in ( for those who want to go Tibet), she only made it to Poltala and  Lhasa though.



 I told her this one looked so fake :))) and she said the one with the blue scarf was indeed a true long time meditator.....

In Nepal.

So she's the reason why I'm still staying up this late to finish those words above ( =)) I thought I only spent 15' to write this quick talk haha) because I've been keeping this in my mind of how impact she was to me  and she's also the reason I might postpone my Japan post tmr because Idk I can wake up early tmr TEEHEE!