Washington Lake!

These photos are from my day with a sister,they're all about our selfie photos so skip it if you dont like :)
Although it was little chilly, we had a nice day. Every time  when it's a perfect sunny day, i would call some random friends to go to Washington lake with me. I love this lake so much, it has so much memories about my life in Seattle, what i have gone through, friends i met, my happiness and also sadness. 

Instead of saying hi, i was like doing material art or some kinds of magic.

Love this pic so much! The more i look at this photo, the more i realize photos without my face would be better. Teehee!

My beauty girl!

Seems my feet are kinda large.  -_-'

We got for ourselves a curry pan and green tea danish, they were all yummy, although shape of the danish one looked like S***

Funniest story i have ever seen: My sister was chased by this little hungry duck, he wants some pieces of our pastries but his ways scared my sister so much so that she jumped from ground to chair, from chair to table, ran around like she was chased by real dog hahahaha, i had a good relationship with a duck though :)).

Very first day with my short hair.Strange feeling.


  1. @zi nguyen: plz come to Seattle whenever you can, i wanna meet you so much :)


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