Lazy on bed

  I woke up early this morning with my head seemed like going to explode. I got hangover last night, that was truly the best feeling. I wasn't allowed to drink any alcohol when i was in Viet Nam, my mum would kill me to death if i touched any wine. But last evening was the last night my friend stayed in Seattle. Well, it's not really a last night, though she will come back to Seattle after summer break but we only have 2 months together, then she will leaves Seattle and i will move to another place, continue my studying. I cried last night, after coming back to home, kept texting approximately 9 or 10 people, told them how i would miss them, the hard time i would face without them. It's so silly that i discover my touching side because of  alcohol. I always thought that i was too brave, too strong to not to act like a fragile person, but finally i did. I danced like crazy girl then left my friend house like a crying baby.
  It's so hard for me to make friends. I'm so shy in front of crowded and usually people think i'm quite supercilious at fist sight. That's why saying goodbye to my friends breaks my heart a lot. Although i know this time will come, it's still hard for me to face.  Somehow it makes me realize i need to live with 100% full energy of my heart,  as if i'll die tomorrow.
   " Trang"
   " What's up?"