My week in film photos :)

  I  got back from  Portland 2 days ago. It was a great trip with my friend, although it took all my energies for the week and i'm so on the mood "bed is my home" right now. Anyway, I'm trying to finish San Francisco part II before writing Portland trip  but i so hate myself when i keep postponing things on my " to-do-list", i finished some of them though. I also have tons of photos to share but still, it takes a lot time to edit them. I just don't want to abandon this blog, it has been    with me from very beginning when i started taking photos. At the time, i had some websites like flickr, devianart, etc... and then i gave up all of them but this one. I have Vietnamese blog too, it's related to this one and i'm trying to move all Vietnamese travel posts from this blog to that one. I feel like my blog is quite messy between Vietnamese and english posts, and sometimes i myself get pissed off by my blog. So i decided to create the Vietnamese blog, mostly about my thoughts, stories i make up when i feel sad and my travels. Hope the blog works well in the future!
   Okay,  before i went to the Portland, i stopped by Walmart to get some stuffs for the trip and for some reason, the disposable  camera got into my eyes. It had been a long time i haven't taken film since price to develop film here are quite expensive to me. It took me around 10 minutes to get two disposable cameras and hopefully, they wouldn't disappoint me. They didn't. I brought these cameras to Portland and the day i visited a zoo, Pike market. I'm gonna save the Portland film photos for the next post. The photos turned out more than i expected. The color is what i hope it to be: vintage, film, grain... I didn't edit anything on the photos so what do you think about these cameras? ;)
 Alki beach :)

I love boys, who know how to skateboard

tried to capture my tatto and failed :(

A shark



Little penguins 

A model.

Had a trip to Pine market Again since the hungerhunger for pastries of my sister.

I got for myself an orange ice cream ;).


  1. Lovelyyy photos! I've been missing the soft colors and grains of film,too and thinking about getting back into analogue photography. Can't wait to see your Portland post, I heard it's a beautiful city :D
    And if you don't mind, I'd love to read your viet blog :)) Have a great day!!!

  2. Oh great ! so happy that you love film camera too ;), could i see your photos someday? :D. And yes, Portland is beautiful and quite a peaceful place. I will share my Vietnamese blog in next post and thank you so much for reading my blog <3


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