Hi !

    WoW, i'm so busy in this week, i just finished my school and waiting for the biggest festival of the year " Lunar New year". This is my last year i'm in VN, but instead of staying at home, having fun with family... I have to pack my luggage and prepare for my trip to Aus.it was a hard choice. Half of me want to stay at home but another half want to go travel . And travel is my choice. So i hope i can spend as much time as possible for my friends, family... before i leave.
         These photos below were taken in ice cream shop. I love frozen yogurt so much :X.i always put many many toppings on frozen yogurt and mix it become a mess then i enjoy it :)).Good time !

  ( sorry for my english)
my sister's yogurt

And mine

one of my best sisters

this ice cream shop has so many toppings which i don't have enough time or stomach to enjoy it