The Spring Fair

    I haven't gone to a fair since i was 13-14 years old  and yesterday my friend- good sister  wanted me to go to The Spring Fair with her.  The fair haven't changed much. There were many shops which sold many thing. At here, i bought for me a key chain  which engraved my birthday number on. It's looks like a plate of car- motorbike. I tried to capture all moments of people around here. But i failed.As always, i realized my camera is not suitable for dark night. I took a lot of photos about children. They didn't scare strangers or hide their face so it was easy to capture their moments. They're so cute :X
     There were so many food stalls which sold sausages, dim sum, meetballs, candies...  So it was hard for us to decide which food should we eat. I bought  sausages and my sister bought dim sun . We ate it outside the fair and it was so great to eat hot food , stood in cold weather , told joke with friends. It was a nice day :).I'm going to miss it.


a big bear

He was making my keychain



  1. I love them allllllllllllllllll !!!

  2. great photos. you really captured the atmosphere :)
    how do you edit them?

  3. thanks :)
    @ jane : mostly i use curve ( chanel blue, red). Sometime, i do some stuff like gradient, color fill, lighting effect, color balance and mix it together until i feel ok.Thanks :D


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