Happy new year, everyone !!!

           And My mum ,dad's birthdays too.They were born in same day ( woohoo)

            I love you so much, Mum and Dad :XXX
        On the other hand, I realized that i taken many photos by my instax s7 but i didn't have a chance to scan it. So yesterday, i decided to bring it to the Lab. Here...

Chicken church

My mum was joking

My lovely boy

My father was gardening

old school


My 8 years-big-fat-cat
And some of my childhood photos 

                 I want to say thank you to
   _ My family - most important in my life
   _ Friends - who always beside me ( Huong samba,black Huong, Tu, 5 girls group, z. - lovely camera buddy...)
   _ flickers ,bloggers - who have impressed me with their photos and blogs
           I love you guys so much :XX. Have a nice year!!


  1. happy new year, lil sister.
    wish you all the best.

    keep on colouring this life.


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