A damn weather makes me sick . It have been rained all time. Last week, i was on bed all day because of ill.That thing makes me haven't taken my camera for 2 weeks. I miss " him" so much. The only thing i can do in " ill week" was that  Chat on internet , watched some photos, and slept. But i'm ok now, so i decided to take some street photos but i think the weather don't like me so much. Rain Rain Rain . So instead of taking photos, i will write some my travelling. See ya !


  1. you need to practice more and more XD. btw, how abt capturing photos of rain. in film.

  2. Yeah ! you're right. I need to practice more and more but sadly, i don't have time to take photo. Since last week, i've forgotten my camera :(. No ideas for photo, no joy for photo, no time for photo.Bad month


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