Monday, October 26, 2015

Kyoto- Osaka (3) From Johnny's view

5th day,
We woke up and went to yokozumidera, a really nice marketplace where they sell all kinds of food and stuff. We tried some tamago, and bought iphone cases that were really nice. We also bought some green tea cake and cookies. We went around to take some pictures and suddenly we forgot where we put our bags of goodies. I ran around looking for it and distressed. Since we spent good money on that stuff. And then I remember exactly where I put it. That’s when an old lady inside the store asked, “ wasuremono?” which meant “did you forget something?” and there it was our bag of goodies. I was so relieved because I thought someone had taken it. Luckily no one took them. After that conundrum, we went on to go shopping. I walked into a shoe store and wanted to buy some shoes. I bought an adidas shoe that fit really well. It was really comfortable and so I got it. My girlfriend went into a clothing store and she wanted to try on a dress. I thought it looked weird and she got angry. She started walking away and so I just sat outside the store. She got angry because, “ I don’t allow her to buy anything.” … anyways we went on and sat down in front of a starbucks. We went back to the shopping center since we decided to skip another attraction and then go to the kiyomizudera. We also bought 1 day bus pass tickets somewhere along the way I think on the first day and so we took the bus to the temple. And it was another 10 minute walk from the bus stop to the temple. This is when things get really ugly, because I didn’t allow her to buy the dress… so my foot starts hurting and she says to put on the new shoe. And I say no its ok. Lets keep going. And she stops and says im not moving until you put on the shoe. And so I say I can sit here all day. And so she starts running off on her own. I walk slowly and so I lose her. I take pictures of the roads and neighborhoods and then slowly walk towards the temple thinking oh maybe shes gonna be waiting there. I take a look around the streets and shops and finally I feel a slap on my arm. I turn around and shes got tears running down her face. She says she fell down. I hold her and sit her down and tell her, “ don’t ever leave me again, this is not a place where you can just leave someone.” She says that she fell down running after me and that a foreigner helped her up. It looked like she hurt her ankle pretty badly and so I tell her we can walk slowly its ok. So then we make up and we slowly make our way to the temple. Finally we make it and it’s a huge gate that welcomes us. We take pictures and we also see a lot of girls wearing kimonos. We ask a bystander to take a picture of us. And he accidently flips the iphone camera and takes like 15 selfies. I flip it back and he takes a really nice picture of us. I get the phone back and we laugh at it because it was really funny that he did that. and so we walked up even more and another fee to enter. And so we enter and walk around the whole temple. The shrine inside the trees looked really good far away, but then when we went up to the shrine, it wasn’t that amazing. And when we finished we took a bathroom break and ate some onigiri. There was a ritual where you pay and it looked like the water was coming out of a dragons mouth. So they would take the water and purify themselves. After walking for a little bit down the path to the shrine, we went through a road where gensai were supposed to be seen at. We found a huge group of Chinese travelers holding up the gensai for a good 5 minutes to take pictures with them. So after we took pictures of them we walked a little more and noticed a really peculiar road. It looked really cool like in anime. So after taking pictures in that street, I saw a little anime shop with a big totoro outside. I wanted to take a look inside but we were running out of time.  After taking the bus away, we stopped near by the gione district. As we walked towards it, it all looked like city life until we turned our heads left and everything changed. The buildings there were interesting. The roofs were brown and designed like most temples. All we did was walk, we saw a lot of people wearing kimonos too. A lot of people stopped them to take pictures with them. So after we were finished with the gione district, we went to a station to head towards Osaka. We couldn’t decide which train to take and I said we could take this one and so we went in and out and in again and we start going. It was a really long ride, and we were exhausted too and so we had to stand. For about 20 minutes until a seat had opened up. My girlfriend took the seat and I sat on the arm rest. When we arrived in Osaka, we rested on the chairs. Both of our legs were aching and sore. And after a good 10 minute rest, we walk out into the roads of Osaka. We were greeted with tall buildings with lights everywhere. We sat down on the side of the road for a couple of minutes. Then we decided to find some okonomiyaki to eat cuz we were hungry. We waited for like 10 minutes and it didn’t move so we moved on to another restaurant. At that restaurant we had  trouble ordering even though we had an English menu. I think this is a common theme, trouble ordering at Japanese restaurants. So after we finally order the food, they say they don’t have beef. Only squid or pork. And I have nothing against pork but it is disguisting to me. And so we only had squid squid and squid food… but 1 of them had a variety so it wasn’t all ssquid but it was all squid. So after eating there we walk around looking at the city. And seeing it at night. We went shopping at monki and weekday, I got a nice black shirt and grey-white dotted pants there. My gf bought a really cute and feel good shirt. So after we shopped there, we decided to go back to Kyoto. This is when things get ugly. So we took the wrong train and its really late. And my gf is upset because it was my fault but we still make it home though. And then we just went to sleep because we were tired.

Nishiki market

They sell all kinds of food, from snacks like stuffed egg in octopus head to ingredients to cook.

Unagi- eel, one of my favorite food from Japan.

Look like sponge cakes

Oden , so apparently, Nishiki market was the first place I saw sold Oden in summer.( Not kombini like I said in the previous post)

Random snacks

Portugese egg tarts, I didn't even know it's popular snacks/pastry in Japan.  They all looked really delicious,  KFC has the best egg tarts in my opinion though.

You can rent Yukata by hour to walk around Kiyozumidera, The service includes styling hairs too. It was sad that I didn't have times to try :(

It was surprised for us to see a Japanese monk first time outside the temple.


=))))))my bf wanted to come inside this Totoro shop badly, I didn't allow though :)).

Smile buddha, isn't he cute?

Namba district at night 


In front of the restaurant We had dinner at, they made and sell their takoyaki outside. Most of takoyaki places set their stalls on the street to attract customers and since they are quick snacks so people just wanna grab and go, and they make takoyaki really professional, like they flipped takoyaki really fast and worked in lighting speed  once they got orders.Some of takoyaki places have unique kinds of takoyaki like a huge head of octopus in takoyaki instead of small cut one.

Inside the restaurant.

It's weird that I didn't have any photos of these guys ( not the guy in this photo), who stood on the street or in front of restaurants, dressing really fashionable and were all skinny, tried to give people either posters or advertising papers. 

Another line for takoyaki

this guy attracted all people around because his dance moves were so passionate as if he was in some sort of dance contests Lol

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