Friday, June 21, 2013

  It's summer break now. I spent the last days hanging out with my friends, travelling, sleeping, doing some stupid stuffs and graduation. Yes, graduation, after one year and a half, i finally had a chance to wear academic dress Lol. The graduation wasn't so important compared to University graduation. I almost didn't attend but at last, the times with my friends here are the best experiences i have during my school life and i don't want to miss any last moments.  So i went to it, met  fellow graduators, who have studied with me in some quarters that i can't even remember there names, congratulations to each others, smiled,took photos and said goodbye. At the time the ceremony ended,when everybody left , i turned back, looked at the hall, my heart kept beating harder and harder, i felt something strange in my heart, a mixed feeling of happiness and sadness. It's just so hard to believe I just met new friends last year and now it's gonna be time to say goodbye. We chose different ways to go, different directions, different states and don't know when will be the day we can be together like this again...

" I always knew this day would come
We’d be standing one by one
With our future in our hands
So many dreams so many plans

Always knew after all these years
There’d be laughter there’d be tears
But never thought that I’d walk away 
with so much joy but so much pain
And it’s so hard to say goodbye

But yesterdays gone we gotta keep moving on
I’m so thankful for the moments so glad I got to know ya
The times that we had I’ll keep like a photograph
And hold you in my heart forever
I’ll always remember you"


Yup, it's me ;)

My girls :)

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