June 30, 2013

Video love !

  Instagram has just updated the video function. Honestly , I love it SO SO MUCH, although i kinda had a lot of troubles while filming. I have 2 videos till now, there are some in my phone but instagram bug never allow me to finish uploading them.
   The first one is my favorite one, i have filmed like 3-4 videos on that day and impossible to upload them. Anyway, It was a fun day, we took a long walk around our neighbor, had coffee in one of the most beautiful starbucks i have seen ( my opinion) , lunch at nice cafe and made some fun footages. The second one is the first video i made with this function, i love walking around  twilight time to see people doing. So in love with Seattle!
And bonus my troll face ;)

❤️ #instavid#vscocam#photooftheday#instagood#instadaily#love by @kunbeo
love the new video feature: Seattle at night ❤️ #instavid#photooftheday#instagood#instadaily#seattle#secondhome by @kunbeo

June 29, 2013

Portland in film :)

I don't have a lot of film photos in Portland since there were probably 6-7 exposed photos ( damn, i'm already broke and the camera didn't like me neither). Anyway, Portland to me was quite peaceful and beautiful, although it's more for mid-aged  and elderly people. I prefer travelling for couple days to relax my mind than living there but hopefully, in the future, there will be at least one of my friends study in Portland  as an excuse for me to visit Portland ;).
Powell's bookstore. The largest bookstore in Oregon, they even have a map to find books since it's too large. 

Our last meal from food carts which are one of the things need to enjoy in Portland before going home

On link-rail.

Italian restaurant

too cute

Their China town compared to Seattle is larger and nicer but for some reason, not many people around here, even chineses.

Food carts

June 23, 2013

My week in film photos :)

  I  got back from  Portland 2 days ago. It was a great trip with my friend, although it took all my energies for the week and i'm so on the mood "bed is my home" right now. Anyway, I'm trying to finish San Francisco part II before writing Portland trip  but i so hate myself when i keep postponing things on my " to-do-list", i finished some of them though. I also have tons of photos to share but still, it takes a lot time to edit them. I just don't want to abandon this blog, it has been    with me from very beginning when i started taking photos. At the time, i had some websites like flickr, devianart, etc... and then i gave up all of them but this one. I have Vietnamese blog too, it's related to this one and i'm trying to move all Vietnamese travel posts from this blog to that one. I feel like my blog is quite messy between Vietnamese and english posts, and sometimes i myself get pissed off by my blog. So i decided to create the Vietnamese blog, mostly about my thoughts, stories i make up when i feel sad and my travels. Hope the blog works well in the future!
   Okay,  before i went to the Portland, i stopped by Walmart to get some stuffs for the trip and for some reason, the disposable  camera got into my eyes. It had been a long time i haven't taken film since price to develop film here are quite expensive to me. It took me around 10 minutes to get two disposable cameras and hopefully, they wouldn't disappoint me. They didn't. I brought these cameras to Portland and the day i visited a zoo, Pike market. I'm gonna save the Portland film photos for the next post. The photos turned out more than i expected. The color is what i hope it to be: vintage, film, grain... I didn't edit anything on the photos so what do you think about these cameras? ;)
 Alki beach :)

I love boys, who know how to skateboard

tried to capture my tatto and failed :(

A shark



Little penguins 

A model.

Had a trip to Pine market Again since the hungerhunger for pastries of my sister.

I got for myself an orange ice cream ;).

June 21, 2013

  It's summer break now. I spent the last days hanging out with my friends, travelling, sleeping, doing some stupid stuffs and graduation. Yes, graduation, after one year and a half, i finally had a chance to wear academic dress Lol. The graduation wasn't so important compared to University graduation. I almost didn't attend but at last, the times with my friends here are the best experiences i have during my school life and i don't want to miss any last moments.  So i went to it, met  fellow graduators, who have studied with me in some quarters that i can't even remember there names, congratulations to each others, smiled,took photos and said goodbye. At the time the ceremony ended,when everybody left , i turned back, looked at the hall, my heart kept beating harder and harder, i felt something strange in my heart, a mixed feeling of happiness and sadness. It's just so hard to believe I just met new friends last year and now it's gonna be time to say goodbye. We chose different ways to go, different directions, different states and don't know when will be the day we can be together like this again...

" I always knew this day would come
We’d be standing one by one
With our future in our hands
So many dreams so many plans

Always knew after all these years
There’d be laughter there’d be tears
But never thought that I’d walk away 
with so much joy but so much pain
And it’s so hard to say goodbye

But yesterdays gone we gotta keep moving on
I’m so thankful for the moments so glad I got to know ya
The times that we had I’ll keep like a photograph
And hold you in my heart forever
I’ll always remember you"


Yup, it's me ;)

My girls :)

June 9, 2013

Lazy on bed

  I woke up early this morning with my head seemed like going to explode. I got hangover last night, that was truly the best feeling. I wasn't allowed to drink any alcohol when i was in Viet Nam, my mum would kill me to death if i touched any wine. But last evening was the last night my friend stayed in Seattle. Well, it's not really a last night, though she will come back to Seattle after summer break but we only have 2 months together, then she will leaves Seattle and i will move to another place, continue my studying. I cried last night, after coming back to home, kept texting approximately 9 or 10 people, told them how i would miss them, the hard time i would face without them. It's so silly that i discover my touching side because of  alcohol. I always thought that i was too brave, too strong to not to act like a fragile person, but finally i did. I danced like crazy girl then left my friend house like a crying baby.
  It's so hard for me to make friends. I'm so shy in front of crowded and usually people think i'm quite supercilious at fist sight. That's why saying goodbye to my friends breaks my heart a lot. Although i know this time will come, it's still hard for me to face.  Somehow it makes me realize i need to live with 100% full energy of my heart,  as if i'll die tomorrow.
   " Trang"
   " What's up?"


June 2, 2013

Washington Lake!

These photos are from my day with a sister,they're all about our selfie photos so skip it if you dont like :)
Although it was little chilly, we had a nice day. Every time  when it's a perfect sunny day, i would call some random friends to go to Washington lake with me. I love this lake so much, it has so much memories about my life in Seattle, what i have gone through, friends i met, my happiness and also sadness. 

Instead of saying hi, i was like doing material art or some kinds of magic.

Love this pic so much! The more i look at this photo, the more i realize photos without my face would be better. Teehee!

My beauty girl!

Seems my feet are kinda large.  -_-'

We got for ourselves a curry pan and green tea danish, they were all yummy, although shape of the danish one looked like S***

Funniest story i have ever seen: My sister was chased by this little hungry duck, he wants some pieces of our pastries but his ways scared my sister so much so that she jumped from ground to chair, from chair to table, ran around like she was chased by real dog hahahaha, i had a good relationship with a duck though :)).

Very first day with my short hair.Strange feeling.