Mid life crisis //OOTD

1 month before my last post

The new Instagram has been working pretty much regularly, also means that my blog has been muted to silence. 
I'm lazy, there is no way I can deny that. 
Not when I'm at work though. In fact, I'm a very hard worker. 
However, As soon as I walked out of my work, I'm lazy, sadly in almost every aspect of my life. Although, 3 things that I have been consistently disciplining myself at, not being a complete slump are working out/hiking, eating, meditating, oh, actually it should be 4 things, how can I miss splurging on buying clothes LOL. 
I haven't reached to  30 yet, not even 25, and soon to be 23 in a couple months. But I already carry all the traits of an old middle age person, maybe even worse. All the middle aged ones I've seen actually are way healthier and stronger, and more active than my dead corpse. 
that being said, I have been trying to be more active 
Lately, I've been doing a lot of tough hikes, well, you know, surprisingly, even a dog can be better than me :)). Damn,  when I first started hikes, I was like what is it Americans, this is called walking, not hiking, dude, I can walk 8 hours a day, no problem. Not long after those experiences, I found myself hiking from wading across freezing water to the level of basically climbing a mountain with rock valley on the side, dying every 15-20', asking myself why tf I put myself into this miserable, though despite all of that, I ended up hiking again the next weekend. Weirdly, I got an utter satisfaction whenever I completed a hike, it's such an obsession to myself, the tougher the hike is, the bigger my satisfaction gets,  that sometimes when I was so tired to even breath to continue a hike, that obsession actually pulled me back to the hike, it's a heroin, addicted but not addiction.  I wish I could have this kind of heroin in the " other aspects of my life" :))))))).                    
 All those hikes made me realized one single thing, I'm f* weak, even weaker than dogs. I had always been confident with my strength in the last couple months. Apparently, hiking is way too different than what I had imagined.   I was always the one being told: " excuse us, can we pass by", and followed by a group of younger people flown to the top with... their dogs, it was pretty discouragement and also encouragement at the same time. But hey, you know what old people say: it's better late than never.                     

One more thing I need to cross my list: learn to swim.  And that's how I complete my summer!

Oh btw, the post is nothing related to bullshit things I just wrote above, It was just a compilation of some photos of me this spring. Yeah, I love myself that much 😉😂, or, just a loner without companions... Also, in case you wonder, it's a part 1 of this compilation :))

Shoes: Vagabond Daisy boots
Jeans: F21
Sweater; Mom's ( best)

I actually don't like this outfit now ( my habit when looking back the old photos). So prolly leave out where I bought the sweater, but the culottes from Uniqlo is pretty comfy  

I might just sell this Zara Shoes, it looks so good but getting harder to walk with it now. 


       Sometimes, I get really excited and jealous to the ever-changing fashion industry in particular and other industries in Viet Nam. Nowadays, A lot of Vietnamese youngers have founded their own made creative clothing brands and a lot of them look really cool and amazingly beautiful. In Viet Nam,  You have a lot of choices from (in a silent low voice) fast fashion with cheaper price than F21, Hm, Zara... to higher brand ones, and to the own local design brands. Honestly, I can't wait to be back someday early to see this growth with my own eyes.

( This is where I usually read the story of entrepreneurs in Viet Nam in case you are interested, so many influencers:  http://vietcetera.com/people/ )

Sweater: from Viet Nam
Shoes: Zara

Dress: F21.

Coat: HM
Shoes: My 5 years old shoes, basically 1 about to tear them apart. RIP!

Sandals: HM

Skirt & hat: H&M

Coat: Zara

Coat: F21
Shoes: Daisy

Dress: F21
Coat: Zara