Kun's ilog: The Beginning of Spring

 there was a time when we were young. but now is not the time for me. because times always moving which means my creativity and superior intellectual being needs to keep ahead of time and always be on top of things.  - this stupid cheesy line isn't mine, from my SO who hijacked my laptop, though I guess it's worth it to open my blog :)).
     Anyway, The last month was pretty... relaxing, I'd say.  It has been way too relaxing that I, casually, repeatedly, made myself into my own little cocoon world, again. I just got a new camera, Idk if I like it so far or not, still debating. Shame on me that I still miss my old beloved one, but the new one is technically way better, I'll do the review on the camera very soon. Though not because of that, I would stop my kun's ilog, despite the differences in quality, I still haven't found a good DSLR camera quality that is better than a phone's camera quality, honestly, it's like comparing the polaroid camera with digital camera, also, One plus for the Phone camera is the advantage of turning you into  6ft model while in reality, you are as short as a cute 5ft dwarf 😂, though it's better to have best of the both worlds, isn't it?

     To sum up this vlog
  • If you travel to Seattle by car, I recommend seeing Seattle from highway 99, drive from Krispy Kreme in Sodo area ( 1st ave) and then follow the highway 99 to either Queen Anne, Ballard, or just simply Space Needle... I guarantee the view of Seattle on the highway is much better than any viewpoints. ( not for the driver), I need to find more photos to show you how beautiful Seattle is from this Highway, especially at night, but I'm too lazy now so have fun, enjoy 1 pic of it :)). I guess I 'll save it up for the " maybe never even post it"  blog post called " where to see the best views of Seattle" 
  • Introduce a new Favorite coffee place : Kaladi bros , for coffee lovers in or travel to Seattle
  • Tide pool in the end of Alki dr ( in Alki beach) is pretty fun on a Sunny day.
  • Ellenos Yogurt is my love, Have been eating it constantly every morning for 6 months straight.
  • I love spring, especially enjoying 9 out of 10 my friends suffered from the allergy, very entertaining when you are one of the few can embrace the pollens. :))

I'm sure you have seen this outfit elsewhere, ( I meant the below blog post :)) ) 

dedicated photographer

a tiny little green shrimp

These 2 seagulls, I swore, literally guarded this lady for a good hour I was there, no joke right here, it was too bizarre, even the lady had to take snapchat/photos/video of the situation. Disney princess? 

Skirt with questionably white hair sweater ( Skirt from Hm, sweater From F21)

Uniqlo Shirt.

I basically stop iron my clothes ever since I left VN ( spoiled kid problem)

I'm thinking selling the shoes on depot, anyone wants to buy? ( Shoes & coat: Zara)
Coat: F21, shoes: Zara

The reason I never smile. 

Now that I'm so regret of cutting my bang, it has came to the stage I hate the most: Growing out bangs. 

this is the view from where I poop and take shower, would be better if there is no neighbor behind the tree :)). 

this is a very good apple. ( why would I took a photo of an apple, duh )

Obanyaki with all ingredients imported from Hokkaido, only opened 1 week though :( ( they are opening again this week for 1 week in Uwajimaya Seattle and prolly the last time they are in America, come get yourself one or maybe 4...) 

I RARELY do makeup, I'm even lazy to put on lipstick lately but If you recognize the pattern: Once I do make up,  I'll lipstick the shit out of my lips, contour the shit out of my nose and lastly but importantly, take selfie the shit out of myself

Zara Shirt dress.

From highway 99, recommend u-turn once you finish the drive,  drive back and forth :)) for different angle views. 

Visiting my old time friend. 

and Had a breakfast blast.

take a short walk to Whatcom falls Parl, recommend when you visit Bellingham WA. 

securing my sitting place while watching my companions risking their lives. 

These two shits asked me to climb down with them to the river, Lol, who do they think I am?  spider man? :)), don't they see a coward tag on my face. 

Laina's beautiful artistic apt. 

The cat's name is Pancake, is named after he first came house and somehow when he gets startled he will flatten out on the ground with all lmbs out like a pancake. 

Hands down the best Thai restaurant I've found out of all the Thai places I've tried ( equal to Sawasdee in Portland, but with a shorter drive from Seattle): ON RICE, BELLINGHAM WA. 

Give me all the carbs and fats, with the orange juice saves the healthy cart :)) ( no, trader joe's orange juice is 👎
, don't buy)

Nice embroidery blouse

Red robin, currently have one residing on top of a pipeline in our garage, above our car... Don't ask me why our car has so much bird shit. 

Texting and driving??? Guess I caught the police doing it too.

Uniqlo Sweater.
Jumpsuit: Asos 
Shoes & bag: thrift

Jeans and sweater: Thrift

guess what is the reason I took this photo?
The guy?
The coffee?
or the nice dressing girl :))

I rarely have a hot drink, like 5 times in a year, despite of how cold the weather is, my only exception is Chai latte and to me, that is the only drink that Starbucks does it right :)

Richmond beach Saltwater park.

Elliott Bay bookstore.

I have a serious coffee addiction problem, quad shots aren't even enough for me. 

I present you: the undercover Starbucks in Seattle: Roy street coffee, everything look like a normal local coffee place, only till you see the cashier machine :))).