Kun's ilog: the beginning of winter

As you can see by the title, I welcome you to the " probably" new blog series 😗 . Hope you can link the title with the meaning behind it. 😀

   Ever since I lost my beloved old friend camera, I came to realize how powerful my iPhone camera can be😂.  Honestly, I took a lot more photos than when I still had the big camera,  I did use iPhone camera pretty often but to this " awakening" level of how convenient and good iPhone camera is, I guess losing my big boy wasn't really that bad 😢. Back to after the trip from California, I've been using my iPhone camera as my main buddy, I guess this " awakening" level is more about my mental mind, like: " oh, I better make up by not having good quality photos by taking more phone photos".  With that said, I literally took all of my outfits almost every day before heading out somewhere else, imagine bringing my mirror out to the balcony, posing like a supermodel despite people walking by questioning wth is that girl doing,  is that an Instagram thing :)) (sadly, my apt is too dark and too messy to be a photogenic background). Well, the point is iPhone is really handy =)), the quality is pretty decent ( duh, I own the phone for like over a year and now I finally admit that). E.g all my snow photos are taken by my phone, just yesterday when I sent them out to my brother, he was like: "wot, did u already get the new camera"

I'm thinking about either getting the Fuji xt2 or the upcoming XT-20. The reason is...  see you next post.

Sweater & pants: Uniqlo
Shoes: Nasty gal.
what do you do when you get bored in the car, I introduce you 50 shades of the same angels through car visor. 

The day when My eyes look happy, the day when I smile and don't look like I don't have eyes, the day when People stop asking me am I lacking of sleep is the day  when I reincarnate into a different person... or with the help of surgery ...😂😀 #monolideyesproblem ( jdk, I love my eyes)


Rarely share photo of this guy face but it's too hilarious w Laina's pouch :)))

My colorful and dark darlings. 


Sneaky street style photo defined as when you're not confident to take their photo in front. 

Christmas nails aka the very last time I did nail arts :))
The ugliest Pikachu I've seen

                                                  Beautiful harmonious moment of life: Pizza
goodbye meal before my sister flew back to Boston

First time making croissant, failed so hard