Photo diary: My last couple months

I know at this point, my new year resolution of writing blog posts every day has broken into pieces. The company I'm working at is having a mid sale season and it's been pretty busy for me to manage writing blog posts when my brain after work only has 1% battery left to do anything (even to update my instagram), all i want to do after working was lay on my fluffy comfy bed after having a big meal, watching something and passing out. i felt like a loser sometimes when looking at other people who had more tiring jobs than me, but still manage to enjoy their days off going out. I, however, prefer staying inside, or laying in my balcony, walking around neighborhoods, getting some groceries and starting my process "eat,entertainment,sleep" :)) Isn't it beautiful? 
Honestly, I'm dying inside when not having able to travel. The most recent travel is to Snoqualmie, and that's it :(. You know the feelings of looking at people travel photos, especially my mom's photos :)), pretending to be happy for them but crying for yourself, and just wanna "f" it all, leave everything behind, pack your luggage and start travelling nonstop ->>; it's me ( Lol, just kidding).  However, it doesn't mean things now are bad, I actually enjoy working now. At least, I get to make enough money to support myself and save some for travels in the future. More importantly, I learned so many experiences in the current environments ( but that's another story I'll tell you someday). it's funny how my goals a couple of years ago was to have a decent amount of money, to buy a house, and settling down before traveling later ( I know, I'm so typical). Until my mom sat me down and told how I am still young, money comes and goes, just save money and travel :)), and her words completely changed what I really want for my life,it also confused my Mom and I about who really is younger than who :)). Anyway, I feel like I've talked enough crap, it's time to show you a glimpse of my life a couple of months ago. 

All the photos are taken with Omd-M10 mark II plus my edit of adding my grainsdue to how sharp the photos were :)) . Also, I feel like my thirst of taking daily lives/casual/ lifestyle photos comes back and gets bigger  ( obviously with the desire to travel) so you probably will see more photos of casual/lifestyle photos in the future.... Oh hey, wait, what I am talking about, my blog is already mostly about daily lives and photos:)) :)))...

In front of my favorite grocery place, literally the place that I visited the most in recent years :)) . If you live in Seattle, you probably know where it is :)), on the very crowded  avenue nearby the famous Dick's burger, filled with one of the biggest gay/lesbian communities in Us: I present you " Broadway of Seattle"

I couldn't remember when I had this delicious Peking duck. The only thing I remembered after having this meal was I swore of not to eat Peking duck ever until next year. 

After cleaning

Before cleaning :))

Chick-fil-a. First time trying it.

This was also the first time trying seolleongtang -  Korean beef bone soup. This place is pretty popular to Korean in WA but I honestly feel it was a little bland. Although I know it's supposed to be bland so that you can season it with salt, onion and banchan to your taste, it was still bland to me no matter much salt I put :)). Perhaps, I'm a salty person ;)).

OOTD witch version

is my face getting mean?

Well, I happen to live nearby a popular breakfast-brunch restaurant - Glo's, where usually people have to get in line for 1 hour to get in on Sunday morning. Despite its fame, The only dish I can see  "glowing" was their drooling smoked salmon egg benedict with homemade hashbrowns. 

Look at that creamy yolk !
 the English muffin was crispy. The hollandaise was well seasoned and creamy. The hash browns were my favorite part about this meal

Not my favorite.

Okay, I know the post is overloaded with food photos, but trust me, that's all I've been doing during Christmas: Eat as much as I can, because once my bf goes back to his state,, I become so lazy to go out and eat by myself

Russian dumpling- Costco dumpling is still my king,  their spicy chives sauce won my heart though.

Woop, Uni- a different form of butter. So good!

Of course, sushi is something I have to eat once in awhile. 

I don't really eat any fancy sushi place due to my thin wallet, which means convey belt sushi is  my number 1 place when somebody ask me to go eat sushi ( and even when my wallet is fat, conveyor belt sushi is still my number 1 ). i mean c'mon,, where can you get plenty of sushi for decent prices but still taste okay? conveyor belt it is

Kurt farm - a cheese shop but also an ice cream place. I'm a frequent customer of Molly moon- a famous ice cream place near my house and I can't happier when a friend blasted how Kurt farm's ice creams are way better than Molly moon. Kurt Farm Shop is an adorable, hipster ice cream joint. It is little and somewhat hidden in a beautiful alley, Kurt's menu leans more to the adventurous side, with flavors like Flora's Cheese, Fig, Rose, and Bay Leaf. I was told that the menu was based on ingredients in their farm. So whatever they have on Kurt farm, they make them into ice creams :)), which is also why the menu changes every season. 

After a hard time thinking to try different samples,  We all opted for a "single scoop", which gets you two flavors: chocolate and cheese ice creams. Needless to say, the ice creams made me scream in heaven: creamy, strong and unique flavor. Especially, the cheese ice cream, It's like you're eating a real cheese except it's cold and in ice cream form :D

Seattle lately has added 2 new commutes to the street. One of them is technically not " new", which is link rail, the train that goes straight from downtown Seattle to Sea - Tac airport, now has new route to Capitol hill and UW ( I'll show you photo in another post, but this is my life saver for working in the morning, 3' to work LOL). Another one is this one, Idk how it is called, probably train rail? but hell no, it is way slower than buses  and took so much more time to arrive at your destination.

A beautiful lip cream palate from E.L.F