My life now is about enjoying little fun things around me. I don't go on instagram a lot like I used to be anymore, and for sure with my blog too. I finally graduated with BA degree after almost 3 years living in America. Everything went so fast, It felt like a blink of an eye. When you opened your eyes, things were already different. Most people after graduating they know what they want to do at some points, however, I belong to the rest ones. I have been confusing what I really like, I graduated 1 year early compared to my friends, yet they know what they like and what they want to do. 20 years old with a degree in my hand, I should feel be proud of what I have achieved but till now, things are still blurry to me. I was rush, rush to get the degree early, to come out to work. Ironically, I can't choose my path.
Still, I started my life after college with finding jobs like other new graduates, sending thousand resumes and hopefully got a reply back. It took me a while to find my first job and a little more time to settle in.  Finally, I decided to let things go by itself, let the life leads me to random choices and probably, someday I will be thankful for my spontaneous decision.

Social media had been a huge part of my life. I used  to check instagram every spare times but now
I spent every weekends going farms, beaches, fishing, walking around my neighborhood, and enjoy my times doing groceries.  It's good to be how it is now, no more rush, no more worries, and no more depressions.
( some photos taken when I was on the way from Portland back to Seattle, had a good time for my foot deep in the cool river)