" What's in your bag)

     I think " What's in your bag" tag is really interesting, i already planed to do this sometimes ago but always cancelled at the very last minutes for some reasons ( Nah, i was just so lazy -.-') so Here are what in my bag recently. :D
   1. My lomo action sampler and kodak 200: I got this as a gift from my brother and carried it almost like everyday but haven't printed any film roll ( i guess there was one roll).
   2. The glasses: It's just a normal glasses, not a short-sighted one since my eyes are quite sensitive and easily got allergy with dusts and stuffs ( i use sunglasses instead during the day)
  3. Iphone: My best friend forever :D
  4. Canon camera: My second best friend forever. :D
  5. Hand cream from l'occitane i stole from my mother, it smells fresh and makes my hands feel smoothly.
  6. Lotion butter from The body shop: I bought this product because it didn't test on animals. It's sometimes so buttery but really effective in the winter.
  7. Lip balm butter from the body shop: I bought at the same time with the butter one. It's good but  i prefer EOS lip balm though.
 8. Lipsticks: I LOVE lipsticks, i don't make up usually, only lipstick is enough for me. I can use any kind of lipsticks and don't really care their brands ( i do care their prices 0_o). My favorite one are rouge artist from makeupforever ( i got free from Sephora :D), Milani in rose ( 5 bucks wohhoooo) and several different ones.
9. Perfumes: I only use small editions. First, it's convenient to carry and secondly, i don't want to stick with one perfume for awhile.
10. coins for everything: laundry, bus and stuffs...
11. Watches: I got some from my friends, i don't like buying watches honestly, i love wearing them though ( Troll face 0,0)
12. Wallet and some instant photos, which remind happy memories for me when i'm sad.

Cinnamon latter i made :X