My life recently is quite unpredictable. I just moved in new apartment and things here weren't good at all.Stress came to me in waives. I didn't even have time to be online and think what the f my life is going on right now. I tried to think positively that what is happening to me now was just an challenge of god  but quickly realized i coudn't handle it in a good way. I ended up crying on a roof of my new apt and hoped this unlucky month would elapse like a dream. This time really helped me to define what is a true meaning of  a good friend and who is the one you should trust. Sometimes, i put too much believe in someone and then was heart-broken because of them.Well, after all, " No pain, no gain" i got for me some experiences and hopefully in the future, i can deal with it better.

july 4th morning without hurry. Recently, im quite addicted to passion tea, maybe because of its red color...

Had some yummy yogurt before heading to see a firework

This kid made me laugh all the time. 

Waiting for the firework and soon disappointed we coudn't see the firework from this view.
it was kind of weird when i saw this bus. I supposed Only England had it but now Seattle?
A lovely park near my favorite lake. A good location to deal with stress
Last smile.