Ikea day ( 2)

       I and my brother started our day by eating Bun Thit Nuong ( grilled pork noodle) as a breakfast/lunch/dinner because we always woke up when it was the afternoon. Then, we headed to Ikea and acted like crazy brother and sister.We ran around to take their beautiful rooms. Actually, my brother didn't like it. He preferred to sit on chair instead of running away but nobody took photo for me so He had to follow me. Hahaha

Grilled pork noodle

enjoying my delicious bowl
                These photos under are taken by iphone so these doesn't look well but iphone was easier to take photos in this place rather than my big heavy camera

cute living room

my brother was enjoying happy time of his life

My favorite apartment. Only 320 squares. The interior was beyond beautiful, I love it, love it, love it !!!

don't make me go home, i love staying here, In Ikea Lol :))