ikea Day (1)

     It's spring now. Sunshine all day, I dont need to wear my thick legging with big warm jacket. Now, I only need tights, short and shirt with a comfortable shoes. Today, I and my brother decided to have a trip to Ikea. Each time i went to Ikea, i had different feelings. I love Ikea so so so much. Actually, i love their showroom. They decorate many elegant,beautiful rooms with a lot of cute stuffs. Even with only 312 square, they make the best house/apartment/room ever. I filmed and took a tons of photos  but it's too late right now so these photos will be coming up tomorrow. See ya !

This photo probably is the most beautiful self-potrait so far cuz it doesn't have my face on it. Poor me ! :(

Took a quickly shot before leaving Ikea.
             Few snap shots.