I just finished my busiest week. And last night, i had a huge birthday party with my friends. Although at the first time, i was so angry and upset because i had thought that they always saw me as an maid ( there were something happening), then i acted like a children but i didnt even know that they celebrated a secret party for me. After our dinner, when they told me they had an important exam tomorrow and coudn't hang out with me anymore, i said ok and drove my friend to her house. While i was driving her to home, she told me she forgot her key and had to go to her cousin's house. Then instead of going to her cousin's house, she took me to a place where my friends was waiting. AND then , Boom, they showed up and HAPPY BIRTHDAY. I thought i cried that moment because they were so good to me and i was like a crazy girl.I'm so happy to have friends like them. Hopefully, we will be close friends forever.
                               "THERE IS NOTHING FINAL BETWEEN FRIENDS"